Automatic Powder Bottle Packaging Machine

Our SF-ZX  series automatic auger metering powder filling machine, designed to fill and packaging various dry powders into different rigid containers, like bottles, cans, and jars. The whole design is in accordance with the GMP standard, can form an assembly line with other packaging machines such as bottle unscrambler, screw capping machine, and labeling machine.

Suitable for canned powdery materials in food, medicine, daily necessities, and other industries. Such as milk powder, condiments, talcum powder, pesticides, etc. The main body of the machine is made of 304 stainless steel, which can be used for packaging general corrosive chemical products. Other parts like motor, electrical accessories, pneumatic components, etc. are all well-known brands to ensure stable packaging performance.

Single or double hopper are available, When filling, there is a bottle stopper to position the container firstly, then filling. One machine can fill a variety of shapes and sizes bottles or cans. Electronic scale is integrated with the host to realize automatic error correction. Adopt a servo motor to control discharging, high torque, high precision, and fast speed.

With the help of a screw conveyor, the material shortage is automatically supplemented, saving time and effort. Has automatic counting function, adjustable speed for different material characteristics. PLC control system, all parameters can be added to the program module for future use. Strong anti-interference, high weighing and filling accuracy, convenient interface for operation.

Suitable for cans or bottle-shaped containers can be equipped with an automatic bottle-in or cans-in system, which can realize no bottles, no bottles/cans
Has functions of weight deviation, no filling. Alarm and fault alarm reminder, defective products will be checked out and eliminated.

Hopper of automatic powder filling machine

Mixer In Hopper

• There is powder mixer in the hopper,make it more uniform when unloading.

Touch Screen

HMI System, Simple Operation Panel

• For setting and adjusting related technical parameters, easy to operate. The screen display is very clear.

Filling Nozzle

Filling Nozzle

• Leak-proof material discharge outlet, different filling specifications can be equipped with different diameters.


Photoelectric Sensor

• Can detect the passing through bottles and send the signal back to the system,make sure the filling accurately and will not miss any bottles.

Model SF-ZX Automatic Powder Filling Machine
Filling Specification 10-2000 g
Filling Nozzles NOS  1-2
Filling Accuracy(≥100 g) ±1%
Filling Speed 0-40 bottles/min
Storage Bin Type quick open type
The Height Of Filling Nozzles Is Adjustable Yes