A powder filling machine is a filling machine that quantitative filled powder into certain specifications to meet market requirements. It is a kind of packaging equipment, integrating stepping or servo motor control technology, electronic weighing technology, and microcomputer control. It has the functions of automatic quantification, automatic filling, automatic error correction, counting, clearing,  and parameter memory.

The powder filling machine produced by our company is our base-stone products and diamond-quality products, with high packaging performance and economic price. We start to design and manufacture powder filling machines since our factory was founded in 2002.

Hopper Of Powder Filling Machine
Anti-Leakage Powder Packaging Machine

The upper part of the hopper of the powder filling machine is a kind of transparent glass material, you can clearly see the mixing and level of the materials. The top of the powder packing machine uses a 10 mm thick stainless steel plate, ensure that the hopper after being filled with materials is particularly stable and never deformed.

Our powder filling machine uses an English display panel. It is more intuitive and convenient to adjust. All operations can be done with one click. It takes only 2 minutes to replace different screws in the open hopper. You can clean the powdered materials in the bucket at any time, leaving no dead ends, and can meet the high packaging requirements of food, chemical, pharmaceutical, agricultural…products.

What is the application of the auger powder filling machine?

The powder filling machine is mainly used for quantitative filling food, chemical, agricultural, building powders such as flour, milk powder, soy milk powder, protein powder, spices, enzymes, powder feed, enzymes, talc powder, pesticides, metal powder, iron powder, facial mask powder, tooth powder, pharmaceutical powder, and other products.

Automatic Auger Type Powder Filling Machine
Automatic Auger Powder Filling Machine

What is the classification of the powder filling machine?

Different companies have different classification methods. The following is a simple classification method for our company. Please have a reference.

• According to different degrees of automation, it is divided into semi-automatic powder filling machines and automatic powder filling machines.

• According to the numbers of filling heads, it is divided into a single-head powder filling machine and a double-head powder packaging machine.

• According to the different types of materials, sometimes we will directly use the filling material to name the powder packing machine, such as milk powder filling machine, seasoning powder filling machine, protein powder filling machine, coffee filling machine, and so on.

• According to the different sealing methods, it is divided into a three-side sealing filling machine, four-side sealing filling machine, and back sealing filling machine.


▪ Please clean the hopper of the filling machine. The filling machine should be cleaned regularly, especially you exchange the filling powder.

▪ Please check if the power is on.

▪ whether your local power supply voltage is stable.

▪ Please look over whether the electronic scale is broken.

▪ whether there are any sundries nearby.

▪Please check up whether there is leakage after filling.

▪ Check whether the leakproof net for damage.

▪ According to the user’s feedback, the machine is not easy to have a failure, and the maintenance cost is very low.

▪ The control uses an integrated circuit, and the performance is very stable. Generally, no problems will occur. If it occurs, first check what fault code is displayed, and then repair or call us according to the instructions.

▪ The setting is very simple, just as simple as playing a mobile phone, the mobile phone is pressing the calling key after pressing the number. Our settings are pressing the shortcut key, then the number, and then press the confirmation key. The operation of our powder packing machine is simple and easy to understand from our clients’ feedback.

▪ Please try to describe your detailed filling requirements clearly, such as what kind of powder you are filling, how fluid is it, is it oily or watery enough, do you prefer to use a semi-automatic or automatic filling machine, what is your filling container, what is required filling speed, accuracy, and daily output.