Why can’t the automatic powder filling machine completely replace the semi-automatic powder filling machine? The reason is the adaptability of the semi-automatic powder packaging machine.SF-JD manual pouch filling machine is specially designed for packaging 500-5000g hot sealing premade pouches. It is realized quantitative filling by the measurement of the spiral auger and electronic weighing technology.

What is the application of SF-JD Manual Pouch Filling Machine?

If the packing method of your product is pre-made pouches, then SF-JD manual powder pouch filling machine is the most suitable semi-automatic powder filling machine. You only need to set the filling specification in the touch screen, pneumatic stainless steel clamps automatically clamp the bags, then complete automatic filling.

This manual pouch filling machine is a whole stainless steel structure, and the parts in contact with materials are made of 304 stainless steel, which meets the national GMP standards and the packaging requirements of anti-corrosion chemical products.

PLC touch screen interface, which is very stable when packaging, also has the advantages of anti-interference, and high weighing accuracy.

Mixing motor is a maintenance-free geared motor, has low noise, long life, lifelong maintenance-free.

Manual Powder Pouch Filling Machine

The weighing module feeds back to the feeding motor all the time, which overcomes the shortcomings of changes in the packaging weight due to changes in the proportion of materials.

The touch screen man-machine interface is convenient and intuitive, and the display is clear. The weighing feedback specific gravity tracking type overcomes the shortcomings of changes in packaging weight due to changes in density. This pre-made pouch manual filling machine is driven by a servo motor, has the advantages of high positioning accuracy, large torque, long life, and adjustable speed.

During the packaging process, the packaging speed and accuracy can be adjusted at any time, and the operation is very convenient. The hopper is made of air-damping glass and stainless steel, you can clearly see the mixing and unloading situation of the powder in the hopper. The discharge port can be equipped with a dust-proof device to protect the workshop environment.

Model SF-JD Manual Pouch Filling Machine
Suitable Packing Method Premade Pouches
Measurement Method weighing and filling
Hopper Volume 50L
Machine Material 304 stainless steel in contact with the powder, the others are stainless steel
Filling Range 500-5000g (change different augers)
Filling Accuracy ≤±3‰
Air Consumption 10 L/Min
Operation Panel LED Touch Screen
Power 1.5 KW


▪ SF-JD is one model among our manual powder packaging machines, it’s designed for manual filling premade pouches. After setting the related filling data on the touch screen, put the premade pouches manually around the unloading outlet, the stainless steel clamps will clamp the bags automatically. There is a weighing sensor module around the clamp, so the machine will automatically unload and fill to the set filling specification.

▪ It is pneumatic, so when using this manual powder pouch filling machine, you need an air compressor.

▪ Usually, the client will choose our SFK-ML Small Premade Pouch Sealing Machine as the matching machine.

▪ Usually, we will assemble one set of suitable augers according to the customer’s filling weight. For example, if you fill 500-1000g, we will assemble a dia.63 auger. If you have many filling specifications from 500-5000g, we suggest a complete set of augers separately.

▪ When shipping, there are common electronic wearing parts in the packing list, it’s not necessary to buy other wearing parts separately.

▪ The manual powder pouch filling machine should be used in a dry and clean environment, and should not be used in places where the atmosphere contains acids and other corrosive gases that are corrosive to the machine body.

▪  Check the parts regularly, once a month. Check whether the moving parts such as the worm wheel, the bolts on the lubricating block, and the bearings are flexible and wear. When finding the defects, you should repair them on time.

▪  If the gear shaft of the manual powder pouch filling machine moves, please adjust the screw on the back of the bearing frame to the appropriate position, adjust the gap so that the bearing does not make noise. It is better to turn the pulley by hand, the tightness is proper, too tight or too loose can damage the auger powder filling machine.

▪  When adding maintenance oil, do not allow the oil to spill around or sprinkle on the ground. Because oils can easily pollute filling materials and affect product quality.

▪  After using the manual pouch filling machine, please clean the remaining powder in the hopper.

▪  If the machine is not used for a long time, the machine must be cleaned and coated with anti-rust oil and covered with a cloth.