In September 2022, a liquid packaging machine distributor in Thailand contacted Sywen Packaging. One of his clients needed a paste filling machine to package bottled seasoning paste, the filling range is from 100-420 g, and the packaging speed should reach 600- 700 bottles/hour.


Product: sticky Lemonade (Made with 30% lemon puree and 26% concentrated lemon juice)
Packing: plastic bottles
Packaging Weight: 135g, 200g, 380g, 420g
Filling Speed: 10-15 bottles/min
Number of Filling Heads: 2
Filling Accuracy: ±1%
Power Source: electrical and pneumatic integration


Supplied Machine:

The manual liquid filling machine is small in size and simple in operation, it adopts fixed volume measurement and piston-type push-pull rod structure, with a high filling accuracy and small precision error (≤ ±0.5%-1%). Each part is connected by the clamp, which is easy to assemble and disassemble, cleaning and maintenance.

The machine is made of 304 stainless steel food grade material, which has good corrosion resistance, rust resistance, acid resistance, and alkali resistance. It can be equipped with different types of filling heads according to material characteristics, and the number of filling heads can also be customized.

The pneumatic semi-automatic paste filling machine can be used for filling liquid, paste, or viscous liquid with particles in food, chemical, pharmaceutical, and other industries. High-quality cylinder with good sealing performance and stable air pressure.

The machine has two filling modes, “manual” and “automatic”. MANUAL is to control each filling through the foot switch, and the machine automatically fills continuously in AUTOMATIC mode. The filling machine has an air filter, which can effectively filter the compressed air, eliminate pore impurities and moisture, and extend the life of the cylinder.