SY-CY-16 pneumatic filling machine is also named as gravity liquid filling machine, is a kind of self-flowing liquid filling machine in common pressure, suitable for liquids with good fluidity. It has high filling precision, fast filling speed within 1000 ML.

The application range is wide, for example, fruity beverages, edible oils in the food industry. In the chemical industry, it can be used for filling glass water, cleaning agents, detergents, etc., and can also be made as anti-corrosive for special chemical products.

It can also be used for filling oral liquid, alcohol, and disinfectant in the pharmaceutical industry. Has no special limit to bottle or cans shape. Within 40-1000 ML, can fill the round or square glass or plastic bottles/cans(including special-shaped bottles). The methods of changing the bottle shape are simple and quick, no need to replace any accessories.

16 Filling Nozzles Liquid Bottle Filling Machine

The pneumatic filling machine is mainly consist of top liquid silo, filling valves, filling pipes, filling nozzles and transmission positioning device.According to the number of filling heads, the transmission and positioning device sets the positioning position in advance, and the filling bottle is transferred to the filling position The bottle is conveyed to the filling position through the conveying belt, then the filling nozzle goes down into bottles, filling the volume according to the preset one.

The pneumatic filling machine does not require the vacuum pump, which is very easy to maintain.There is flexible bottle holding device on the conveying belt, no limit to the height of the bottle.The whole machine starts without impact force, and it runs from low speed to high speed, which can ensure stable packaging process.

Max.filling speed can reach to 40-70 bottles/min, you can adjust the filling volume or speed by one-key operation.It’s equipped with a 6-meter chain plate speed-adjusting conveyor belt, can connect with the high-speed capping machine, aluminum foil sealing machine, labeling machine, inkjet printer, automatic carton opening and sealing machine, etc. to form an automated packaging production line, the whole packaging line can save 3-5 labors, save time and effort, and greatly improve the work and production efficiency.

Model SY-CY-16 Pneumatic Filling Machine
Filling Specification 40-1000 ML
Filling Nozzles NOS  16
Filling Accuracy(≥100 ML) ±1%
Filling Speed 4000 bottles/hour
Air Source Pressure 0.5-0.7 MPa
Power 1.5 KW