SXG-PD plastic screw caps automatic bottle capping machine is designed for high-speed capping of various plastic screw caps, widely used in the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, pesticide, cosmetic, and other industries of different shaped bottles and caps. Max. capping speed can reach 5600 bottles/hour.

It refers to the international advanced mechanical design, with fast capping speed, easy operation, and high qualification rate. HMI touch screen, PLC control system, makes the machine run stably and easy to operate. Three pairs of friction wheels rub the cap, and the tightness of the cap can be adjusted without damaging the surface of the cap. The plastic bottle capping machine has strong applicability to all kinds of bottles, is simple and convenient to change different bottles and bottle caps only needs to adjust the small parts of the capping machine.

Plastic Bottle Caps Automatic Capper

It has multiple detection functions such as no lid and no bottle not working, crooked lid, reverse lid, no aluminum foil detection and rejection, and fault self-checking. One rubbing wheel corresponds to one motor, ensuring that the machine is stable, reliable and with consistent torque during the long working time.

Automatic Caps Sorting Machine
Automatic Plastic Screw Caps Capping Machine (1)

How does the plastic screw caps automatic bottle capping machine work?

(1). The bottle cap sorting system organizes the bottle caps, and the mouth-up bottle caps are continuously sent to the cap-dropping track.

(2). The bottles transported from other packaging equipment on the assembly line to the bottle conveying track, enter the cap drop area.

(3). When the bottle is clamped by the bottle clamping device on both sides, the bottle cap is automatically put on when moving forward.

(4). The capping device presses the cap to a pre-tightened state before screwing the cap.

(5). Under the action of three pairs of high-speed rotating wear-resistant rubber wheels, the bottle cap is tightly screwed on the bottle body.

The bottle clamping belt can be adjusted individually to make it suitable for the capping of bottles of different heights and shapes. The adjustment part is equipped with a ruler or a counter, so that the adjustment has “visibility”.

Model SXG-PD Plastic Bottle Capping Machine
Caps Diameter 12 – 70 mm (customized)
Caps Height 10 -50 mm (customized)
Bottle Diameter 15 – 120 mm (customized)
Bottle Height 40 – 280 mm (customized)
Capping Speed < 5400 bottles/hour
Machine Size 2400 x 960 x 2100 mm
Machine Weight 550 KG