In May 2022, a food manufacturer in Malaysia contacted Sywen Packaging. They needed an automatic plastic can seaming machine to package snacks. The degree of automation of the machine should be high, the labor input should be reduced as much as possible, and the sealing speed should reach 1200-1500 cans/hour.


Product: popcorn
Packing: plastic cans
Can Dimensions: Diameter 63 mm x Height 140 mm
Sealing Speed: 20-30 cans/min


Supplied Machine:

The empty plastic cans are manually placed on the round turntable, and the motor drives the turntable to rotate back and forth, and the empty cans are conveyed neatly to the conveyor belt of the automatic can sealing machine. The speed and interval time of the conveying are completely matched with the sealing equipment, they are synchronously controlled.

The can sealing machine adopts a servo motor to drive the turntable (can clamping device), which has the characteristics of simple structure, stable operation, and low noise. The can sealing speed can reach 20-40 cans/min. The lid dispensing device can store 200 caps at a time.

If need to seal other diameters of cans, it needs to replace the can compress device, capper, lid dispensing device, cans clipping turntable, and other accessories, and the sealing roller may also need to be replaced for jars and lids if they are made of different materials.

It is widely used for packaging and sealing round aluminum cans, plastic cans, tin cans, paper cans, etc. in food, beverage, chemical, and other industries. When the turntable is stuck, it has the functions of automatic shutdown and alarm. For cans with the same diameter, the height of the can be adjusted by the hand wheel when sealing.