In July 2022, a pet food manufacturer in the United States contacted Sywen Packaging. They developed a high-protein pet bone powder recently, and need to purchase a semi-automatic powder filling machine to replace weighing and filling by hand.


  • Product: freeze-dried white meal bone powder for dogs (powdered, protein content: 50%)
  • Packaging: food-grade plastic bottles
  • Packing Type: 285g, 454g
  • Filling Speed: 15-20 bottles/min
  • Filling Accuracy: ≤1%


In order to know much about the characteristics of the material, the customer shows us the fluidity and appearance of the powder in many aspects. The fluidity of the powder is good, and it is easy to generate dust during the packaging process. The customer requires the powder packaging machine to have a good dust-proof and leak-proof design.


Supplied Machines:

The screw conveyor can replace the manual by adding raw material to the hopper of the powder filling machine. When the powder in the hopper of the manual powder packaging machine is less than 2/3, the screw conveying machine will automatically add the material and stop when it is full.

The manual powder packaging machine adopts a servo motor to drive a screw for unloading, there is no restriction on the product packaging method, and it can be used to fill bottles, cans, and premade pouches.

PLC control, operation via touch screen, it can display quantity, filling speed and other information when packaging. In order to reduce the material leakage and dust during the filling process, a dust cover and an anti-leakage design are customized when unloading the powder.