In July 2022, a condiment manufacturer in Singapore contacted Sywen Packaging. They needed to purchase an automatic piston sauce filling machine to package chili sauce, the filling speed should reach 900-1200 bottles/min. When filling, it is necessary to minimize the labor input.


Product: mushy chili sauce without crushed chili
Packing: round glass bottle
Packaging Weight: 200 g
Filling Accuracy: ±1%
Packaging Speed: 18-20 bottles/min


Supplied Machine:

Bottle Loading Turntable

SY-G Automatic Piston Filling Machine (with 8 filling heads)

Manually put the bottles that need to be sorted (with bottle mouth up) into the tray of the circular turntable, the bottles enter the edge of the turntable through the rotary motion of the plate, and are neatly arranged on the conveyor belt of the sauce filling machine, which can instead of manually placing the bottles.

The sauce piston filling machine is made of food-grade stainless steel and materials, with good anti-rust and anti-corrosion properties, it is suitable for filling gas-free, viscous liquid, sauce, and paste in the daily chemical, food, and other industries. The number of filling heads can be customized according to the packaging output requirements, it can be customized as 2/4/6/8/10/12.

The linear filling structure,  which has no restrictions on the material and shape of the container, can fill glass bottles, plastic bottles, ceramic bottles, jars, cans and etc. Servo-driven piston, ensuring fast filling and high filling precision. The hopper of the piston filler is equipped with a liquid level sensor to automatically control the liquid level of the storage tank, and the filling accuracy is ≤ 1%.

The viscous paste filling machine can be equipped with anti-drip and anti-foaming filling valves according to the material characteristics, and the height of the filling head can be adjusted according to the size of the bottle. The filling accuracy of each filling head can be slightly adjusted individually. Using PLC and a touch screen for automatic controlling, one machine can be compatible with various bottle types and filling specifications.