Automatic Paste Bottle Filling Machine

SY-N piston filling machine is not only suitable for various liquids, but also for filling viscous materials containing particles(1-20 mm in diameter), such as thick soy sauce, peanut butter, flowing ketchup, jam, or large-grain beef sauce, shiitake sauce.

It can be compatible with bottles of different sizes and shapes, such as round bottles, square bottles, hexagonal bottles, octagonal bottles, and special-shaped bottles without changing accessories.

The filling accuracy can reach 1%, and the piston filling machine adopts a big transmission valve, big pipeline, and big outlet. Each volume cylinder can be adjusted separately, and the filling accuracy is high.

The machine adopts a volumetric metering method, which is very accurate. When the container reaches the predetermined filling position, the piston is pushed by the main cylinder, accurately push the liquid into the filling container.

The filling accuracy of the high precision volumetric can reach 3‰, has accurate and stable filling performance. Driven by a servo motor, the noise is lower than 40 decibels during normal filling.

The material conveying pipeline is all made of silica gel, and it is resistant to a high temperature of 70℃-80℃, does not contain plasticizer, and does not decompose at high temperature.

Machine Details

The filling head is a submersible filling, and the filling is carried out at a distance of about 5-8 mm from the bottom of the container. The unique discharge port design can avoid the phenomenon of polluting the bottle mouth(caused by rapid filling speed and small material splashing).

Non-drip multi-style filling head and suction system, to ensure that the production workshop and packaging products are not contaminated by liquid materials.

The motor controls the lifting of the filling head, no need to manually adjust the height of the filling head, and the adjustment is more convenient and quick.

The piston filling machine has a mixing hopper, which makes the liquid and granular materials fully and evenly blended, ensuring that the materials in each bottle can be evenly filled.

The parts in contact with materials and all pipelines can be quickly disassembled and cleaned, which is convenient and hygienic and meets food requirements. The start and stop of the conveyor belt are buffered to ensure stable conveying.

Frequency conversion speed regulation and automatic switching between forward and reverse.Easy adjustment of filling bottle distance and bottle height.

It can be matched with an aluminum foil sealing machine, bottle unscrambler, bottle washing machine, ultraviolet sterilization, capping machine, etc. to form a filling line.

Filling Heads NOS 2 Filling Heads 4-6 Filling Heads 8-10 Filling Heads 12-16 Filling Heads
Filling Speed 800 bottles/hour 1500-2500 bottles/hour 2500-3500 bottles/hour 4000-4500 bottles/hour
Filling Accuracy 2%(> 100 ML) 2%(> 100 ML) 2%(> 100 ML) 2%(> 100 ML)
Filling Volume 100-1000 ML  100-1000 ML 500-1500 ML 500-1500ML
Mixing Box Volume 90 KG 120 KG 180 KG 260 KG