Automatic Viscous Liquid Filling Machine

SY-G piston filler is developed by Sywen Packaging to fill high viscosity liquid, it adopts the principle of driving a piston and the three-way valves of rotary valves through the servo motor, to extract high viscous materials.

The material is measured by a piston pump, so the amount of filling volume each time mainly depends on the travel of the piston. According to different packaging needs, the filling heads can be configured with 2-16 heads, the filling volume is from 10-5000 ML.

The piston filler can also be customized as an explosion-proof motor, for filling flammable and explosive liquids. PLC programmable control, all settings are finished by a 6 inch LED touch screen, like the adjustment in filling volume, speed, accuracy and etc.

Stainless Steel Filling Nozzle
Adjustable Height Filling Nozzle
Bottle Positioning Device

Our piston filling machine can fill liquid of different viscous degree, is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry( like syrup,medical alcohol, disinfectant), food industry( jam,tomato sauce, peanut butter, oil, chemical(like pesticide,hand washing gel, coating material), cosmetics, and other special industries for liquid filling.

The cylinder drives the cylinder piston to move repeatedly, fill the liquid into the bottle, the measurement accuracy is high, the filling speed is fast. Two two-speed filling, fast at first and then slow, which ensures the filling volume is more accurate.

The color HMI interface, has functions such as parameter setting, working status, help information, fault warning, etc., which is intuitive and simple, it greatly greatly simplifies the adjustment of various parameters and the testing of various functions.

Suitable for filling viscous shapes bottles(including special shape bottles).Programmable PLC control system.Automatic bottles entering, automatic filling, automatic conveying after filling. No bottles, no filling.Adjustable filling capacity and speed.All pneumatic parts are ATRAC famous brands.Sanitary stainless steel construction that meets with GMP standards.

Model SY-G Piston Filler
Filling Range 10-100 ML, 50-500 ML, 100-1000 ML, 1000-5000 ML
Filling Nozzles NOS 1-16
Filling Speed 0-4000 bottles/hour
Accuracy ± 1%(> 100 ML)
Compressed Air Pressure 0.5-0.7MPa