In March 2022, a custom flavorings manufacturer in the United States contacted Sywen Packaging. As the sales orders increased, they needed to purchase an automatic liquid filling machine to improve daily production efficiency.


Product: viscous sweet and spicy paste (containing 70% particles, such as chopped onion, and chopped red pepper. The largest particle size is about 1mmx1mm)
Packing: stand-up pre-made pouches
Packaging Weight: 90 g
Pouch Size: width 6 cm x height 13.5 cm
Filling Speed: 30-45 bags/min
Filling Accuracy: ≤1%


(1). One machine can be used for packaging multiple sizes of packing bags, the client may increase filling specifications and bag sizes in the future.

(2). The expiration date, production batch number information, and thermal transfer coding should be printed on the stand-up pouch when filling.

(3). The hopper should be equipped with an automatic stirring device.

(4). The qualified rate of packaging should be ≥98%.


Supplied Machine:

High-quality piston pump metering, the machine can complete packaging processes such as automatic take out of the bags, bag opening, batch number coding, unloading, vibration, sealing, and output. The whole packaging process does not require any labor. Just input the bag width, packaging weight, filling speed and other information on the color touch screen, and the machine will run at a high speed, which greatly saves labor costs and management costs.

The automatic paste pouch packaging machine can be used for filling and sealing viscous kinds of pre-made pouches, such as flat bags, three-side sealing pouches, four-side sealing pouches, zipper pouches, and side-gusset pouches. When the bag is not opened or the opening is incomplete, it is not filled or heat-sealed, and the bag can be reused. When changing the bag size, just enter the bag width and length on the touch screen, and all the clamps of the packaging machine will be automatically adjusted synchronously, without any manual adjustment, the operator can start the packaging in minutes.