In June 2022, a U.S.Condiments & Sauce manufacturer contacted Sywen Packaging. They needed to purchase a paste filling machine to package the chili paste.


Product: Mexican chili paste (with chili granules and chili seeds)
Packing: plastic bottles, glass bottles
Packaging Weight: 100g, 190g, 300g
Filling Speed: 10-15 bottles/min
Filling Accuracy: ±1%


The paste filling machine should be able to fill four bottle types and sizes of chili paste. The machine can automatically suck the materials from the raw material barrel for filling, because of the unique structure of the pump, the machine is easy to clean and maintain.


Provided Machine:

SY-TZ Semi-automatic Viscous Liquid Filling Machine

This manual viscosity filling machine is composed of a servo motor and a cam rotor pump. It is suitable for conveying viscous media or medium with small particles, such as honey, hand gel, jam, cream, cream, lotion, etc. During the conveying process, the original form of the material will not be destroyed.

PLC control, the filling time, and filling speed can be set separately. Pneumatic filling head, the number of filling heads can be customized according to packaging output, and the height of the filling nozzle can be adjusted according to the bottle height.

The standard volume of the hopper is 30L, and the fiber-optic electric eye sensor can automatically sense the bottle, no bottle will not be filled. The machine body and metering pump are made of food-grade stainless steel, and the anti-drip filling head can automatically suck the material when filling, and the filling speed is not affected by the viscosity of the material.