The food paste is a paste-like condiment made of beans, wheat flour, fruits, meat, fish and shrimp, etc. as the main raw materials. Some paste is viscous liquids without particles, and some have particles in them.

Sywen Packaging is a professional paste filling machine manufacturer. Whether you need a semi-automatic paste filling machine, an automatic sauce filling machine, a paste bottling filling machine, or a paste sachet filling machine, we can help you design the best paste packaging solution, which can best meet your filling needs to improve production efficiency. Our paste filling packaging machine is widely used for filling salad sauce, jam, chili sauce, tahini, meat sauce, and hot paste.

Different Paste

If there are no particles in the paste, the fluidity is like water, an ordinary gravity liquid filling machine is ok for filling the liquid. If the paste contains some granular materials, you should consider selecting a paste filling machine with a mixing system. Because the fluidity of the paste is relatively poor, the paste filling machines should use a motor to pull the piston to complete the extrusion and discharge of the material and complete the automatic filling. The machine is an all-stainless steel structure, which is very easy to clean and maintain during use. The parts directly in contact with the material are also food-grade, safe, and hygienic.

The semi-automatic paste filling machine is the most economical and affordable sauce filling packaging machine, with the widest range of applications and the smallest footprint. It has no restrictions on filling containers, one machine is multi-purpose. The automatic paste filling machine is suitable for packaging bottled sauce or bagged paste. The filling speed, accuracy, and product characteristics are different, and the machine configuration is different. The filling speed and accuracy can be adjusted, and the adjustment method is very simple and easy to operate. We can also customize an automatic semi-automatic paste packaging production line for your products.

Manual Paste Filling Machine
Automatic Paste Bottling Equipment

If the paste is packed in pre-made pouches, and want to use an automatic packaging machine, we recommend you to use our SY-GD series paste filling machine. It is composed of a bagging system and a paste filling machine, with a liquid stirring device to prevent the precipitation of micro-particle materials, and a liquid level control device. Parts on the machine that come into contact with materials and packing bags are all processed with materials, all meet food hygiene requirements to ensure food hygiene and safety. The types of packing bags include stand-up bags (with and without zippers), flat bags (three-side seal, four-side seal, handbag, zipper bag), paper bags, and other composite bags.

Vertical Paste Filling Packing Machine
Premade Pouch Sauce Packaging Machine

If the paste is packaged in small sachets filled with plastic packaging film rolls, we recommend you to use our VFFS paste pouch filling packing machine, it is suitable for heat-sealing composite materials such as BOPP thin film, the paper/cellophane/aluminized polyethylene, and polyester. The sachet sealing types include three-side seal, four-side seal, and back seal. This kind of paste filling equipment can automatically measure materials in different states, and put them into the composite packing bag with the same volume according to the specified weight or quantity requirements. The filling and packing speed and bag length can be adjusted within the rated range without replacing parts. The design adopts unique embedded sealing, and an enhanced heat sealing mechanism. Intelligent temperature controller, good heat balance, low noise, clear sealing lines, and strong sealing performance.