In May 2022, a food processor in the United States contacted Sywen Packaging. They needed two sets of high viscosity liquid filling machines to package almond paste, the packaging output should reach 800-1200 bottles/hour.


Product: highly viscous almond paste
Packing: glass jar, glass bottle
Packaging Specification: 230g, 453g, 720g
Filling Speed: 15-20 bottles/min
Filling Accuracy: ±1%


Supplied Machine:

The semi-automatic paste filling machine adopts the principle of atmospheric filling, it is widely used in the filling of liquids, semi-fluid medium, and highly viscous medium in daily chemicals, food, pesticides, and special industries.

Horizontal placement design, which is light and convenient to use. The core parts of the paste filling machine are the pneumatic liquid metering pump (the air cylinder) and piston push-pull rod.

Since a vacuum cavity will be formed in the air cylinder during operation, the material can be sucked by negative pressure. Therefore, it can be used for filling viscous and poor fluidity liquid, paste, or sauce.

The paste filler machine is controlled and driven by compressed air, and is especially suitable for use in humid or explosion-proof environments. Two working models can be freely switched between “manual” (foot-operated control) and “automatic” (time interval).

The filling head can be customized as drip-proof or adjustable height ones. The piston type filling machine is a single simple action in each filling, so it has high filling accuracy and stability when metering and filling.