In August 2022, a snack food manufacturer in Thailand contacted Sywen Packaging. They needed to purchase an automatic paper can seaming machine to package chips snacks, the packaging speed is 1200-1500 cans/min.


Product: baked shrimp chips snacks
Packaging Specification: 255 g
Packing: round paper can with metal pull tab
Paper Can Size: diameter 5.5 cm x height 17 cm
Sealing Speed: 25-28 cans/min


Supplied Machine:

The production efficiency of the automatic can seaming machine is 3~4 times that of the semi-automatic can sealing machine. It is suitable for sealing various round cans such as tinplate cans, metal cans, aluminum alloy cans, plastic cans, paper cans, etc., the sealing speed is up to 20-35 cans/min.

The height of the can is 25-220mm (can be adjustable by hand), and the diameter of the can is 35-130mm. There are 6-8 can clamping stations, and the can chuck and sealing molds can be customized according to customer requirements to seal cans of different diameters.

The machine is equipped with a photoelectric intelligent detection device for the entering cans. When a can enters the sealing station, the lid is automatically assigned, and the lid will not be assigned if there is a can entering. The electrical components are made by famous brands, ensuring stable and durable sealing performance.

The conveyor belt of the can seaming machine is equipped with a frequency converter, to ensure that the machine can match the speed of other can packaging machines. If there is a can stuck problem, the machine will automatically have an alarm and stop running. After the stuck problem is solved, a one-key reset can restart the sealing.