In July 2022, a US snack food manufacturer contacted Sywen Packaging. They needed a manual can seamer to seal roasted nuts. The sealing quality should be high, all the materials are made of food-grade.


Product: mixed backing nuts
Can Type: round paper can with metal pull tabs
Package Weight: 517 g
Can Dimensions: diameter 7 cm x height 13.5 cm
Sealing Speed: 10-20 cans/min


Supplied Machine:

The appearance and main parts of the can seaming machine are made of 304 stainless steel. The can body does not rotate when it is sealed, which can avoid the displacement, scattering, and possible damage of the products in the can. The machine is widely used for sealing aluminum alloy cans, paper cans, plastic cans, etc, it is ideal sealing equipment in the food, beverage, and other industries.

A synchronous pulley drives the rotation of the hob, and the cam controls the hob, ensuring that the hob moves stably without deviation. The sealing quality is good, the machine volume is small(total height is about 1.3 meters), the running noise is low, and the application range is wide.

According to customer requirements, the power source can be made into pneumatic or electric sealing, and the sealing speed can reach 10-25 cans/min (related to the operation familiarity of workers). The height of the can tray can be adjusted by screws.

By replacing (a few accessories) different sealing wheel molds, the machine can realize multi-purpose sealing. The sealing action can be controlled by a foot switch or the “automatic timing” function.