This series automatic packing and sealing machine has eight or twelve filling and sealing stations, specially designed for smart pre-made pouches like 3 sides seal pouch,4 sides seal pouches, zipper pouches, side gusset pouches. It is a new-updated compact version pouch filling and sealing machine, equipped with an auger filling system and screw conveyor, suitable for automatic pouch filling and sealing for powder materials such as milk powder, coffee, condiments, additives, pesticides, etc.

Automatic Pouch Filling Sealing Machine
Working Process

The auger filling device is an independent metering and filling system, which is driven by a high-precision stepping motor or servo motor for filling and packing. Within the measuring range of the machine, different filling specifications can be completed by several different sizes augers. The operation is simple, convenient and precise.

The pouch packing and sealing machine has multi functions such as self-automatic detection and information feedback. If there is no pre-made pouch at anyone packaging station, or the pouches is not opened before filling, the detection device will control the filling and sealing state, the running status is displayed in real time, which can save packing materials and raw materials.


• Whole stainless steel construction, easy to clean, prevents the machine from rusting and contaminating the filled and packed  products.

• Pneumatic system to ensure the safe operation of the pouch filling and sealing machine and low maintenance costs.

• Suitable for filling and sealing viscous types small pre-made pouches.

• Easy to operate PLC controller, HMI system, some fault indication will be shown on the touch screen.

• Pouch filling and sealing speed can be adjusted by frequency conversion within a certain range.

• High degree of automation, no workers are required during the weighing and packaging process.

• The machine has alarms, stops when the air pressure is insufficient.

• Imported engineering plastic bearings, no oil, no pollution.

• Oil-free vacuum pump avoids pollution to the packing powder and production environment.

Model SF-GD-300 Packing and Sealing Machine
Packaging Station NOS. 8 or 12 working stations
Functions (1). Automatically pick up bags   (2).Print the code   (3). Open the bag    (4).Filling     (5).Heat sealing + exhaust    (6).Conveying away the finished products
Packing Materials BOPP. CPP. PTT and other heat-sealing plastic laminated packaging film rolls
Pre-made Pouch Size width 200-300 mm,length 300-450 mm
Pouch Type four-side sealing bags, three-side sealing bags (middle sealing), zipper bags, stand-up bags, gusseted bags
Filling Specification 10 g-1500 g
Packaging Materials good or poor free-flowing powder
Packaging Speed 30-50 bags/min (determined by product characteristics and filling specification)
Finished Product Pass Rate over 99%
Machine Power 2.3 KW
Compressed Air Consumption 0.35 m3/min(Compressed air is provided by the user, compressed air pressure: 0.6-0.8 MPa)

What are the advantages of automatic packing and sealing machine manufactured by Sywen Packaging?

• The storage bin of the auger filler is equipped with a stirrer to make the powder and granular materials close and uniform discharged, to ensure the measurement accuracy.

• According to the requirements of different density, particle size, viscosity, fluidity, water absorption, measurement range, and measurement accuracy, we have specially designed metering augers of different specifications to meet the needs of various powder.

• The auger we manufactured is accurate in measurement, light in weight, and fine in surface finish.