In May 2022, a condiment manufacturer in Thailand contacted Sywen Packaging. In order to improve the packaging efficiency, they needed to purchase a paste packaging machine with a stirring function. The machine can fill sauce with metal cans, glass bottles, and stand-up pouches, the filling range is 100-400g, and the filling speed should reach 12-15 bottles/min.


Product: viscous yellow curry paste
Packaging Specifications: 120g, 230g, 400g
Packing: stand-up pouch with zipper, metal can, glass bottle
Packaging speed: 600-900 bottles/hour
Accuracy Precision: ≤±1%


Supplied Machine:

SY-KJ Viscous Liquid Filling Machine

This pneumatic semi-automatic liquid sauce filling machine is a sauce filling equipment with stirring and heat preservation functions (which can be customized), which is widely used to fill sauce, paste, viscous liquid with particles, or highly viscous liquid. The whole machine is made of fine-polished stainless steel, with a U-shaped big-volume hopper. The adjustable stirring speed spiral agitator makes the sauce and oil completely mixed, ensuring the quality of the filling product.

The filling range is 0-1000ML (need to use the piston cylinder of different volumes), and the filling accuracy is ≤ ±1%. The hopper of the manual paste filling machine can store 50KG-200KG raw material. The stirring blade is a double-layer structure, the outer spiral collects the material from both sides to the center, and the inner spiral conveys the material from the center to both sides to form convection mixing.

There are two methods to control the unloading, “manual” and “automatic”. The filling amount is adjusted by twisting the direction of the rocker (counterclockwise, clockwise). The imported high-power motor, which is more powerful, has less noise, more stable. The filling nozzle is made of fine stainless steel, can be equipped with different types of filling heads according to the characteristics of the sauce to ensure that the filling is not blocked or leaked.