Our oil filling machines adopt the principle and technology of flow type quantitative filling. According to the characteristics of oil products, it is specially designed to fill different viscous oil products in plastic or glass bottles. It is suitable for filling various specifications and viscous oil products, such as olive oil, walnut oil, edible oil, coconut oil, sesame oil, olive oil, hazelnut oil, linseed oil, blended oil, salad oil, chili oil, vegetable oil, glycerin, soybean oil, and other products.

Usually, oil products are filled into plastic bottles, glass bottles,s or small pouches. No matter what your detailed filling requirement is, we can make a complete oil filling solution for your products. We have three types of oil filling machines, they are semi-automatic oil filling machines, automatic oil bottle filling machines, and automatic oil pouch packing machines.

Drive a piston through the cylinder to extract and discharge oil products, manual oil filling machine adopts a five-way valve especially suitable for filling paste or viscous liquids, no dead corners, and easy to clean. The manual and automatic filling can be switched mutually. When the machine is in the “automatic” state, the machine automatically performs continuous filling at the set speed. While the machine is in the “manual” state, the operator steps on the pedal to achieve filling.

The filling volume of an automatic oil bottle filling machine can be set on the big touch screen. PLC program control, frequency converter speed regulation linear filling. The filling capacity can be adjusted at any time, which is very intuitive and easy to operate. High-precision positive displacement flow meter, accurate and reliable quantification.

Oil pouch filling packing machine can complete form bags, filling, sealing and coding whole packaging process. The pouch sealing types have three-side sealing, back-sealing, and four sides sealing. Applicable packing film has paper/PE, PT/PE, PET/AL/PE, BOPP/PE, filter paper, and other compound materials that can be heat sealed.