In May 2022, a high-end nutritional products manufacturer in the United States contacted Sywen Packaging. They needed to purchase an automatic powder filling machine to package protein powder, the powder packaging machine should be able to connect with the other existing packaging machines in the workshop (such as ultraviolet sterilizers, can sealing machines, etc.) easily, and the packaging speed should reach 900-1200 cans/hour.


Product: plant-based protein powder
Packaging Size: 750 g
Packing: round tinplate can
Can Size: diameter 13 cm x height 16 cm
Filling Speed: 15-20 cans/min
Filling Accuracy: ≤±3‰


Supplied Machine:

Can Round Turntable

SF-T Screw Conveyor

SF-KP Automatic Powder Filling Machine (with two filling heads)

The empty cans are manually placed on the circular turntable, and the messy cans on the turntable are conveyed to the next packaging process in an orderly manner through the rotation of the turntable, and it has a buffering effect. The screw conveying machine can continuously transport the powder material into the hopper of the powder filling machine.

There is a material-level sensing device in the hopper of the powder packaging machine. When the material is lower than the minimum material level, the screw conveyor will automatically add the material and will stop conveying intelligently when the material is full.

This automatic can powder filling machine adopts the principle of weighing and filling, and can be used to fill 10-2000 g of powder in food, chemical, and other industries. The circular chuck can accurately position the container, the size of the chuck mold is customized according to the size of the bottle or can, and the replacement of the chuck grinding tool can be used to fill containers of other diameters, realizing one machine can filling different sizes cans, bottles, jars.

According to the characteristics of protein powder, the powder can packaging machine is customized with dust-proof and anti-leakage devices, which can reduce dust pollution during the filling process and material waste caused by material leakage. The first filling head fills quickly first, and when the package weight approaches the target value, the second filling head starts filling at a lower speed.