The Background:

Located in Houston, United States, a contract snack food manufacturer has been a loyal customer of Sywen Packaging. The company has purchased several sets of semi-automatic granule packaging machines and pouch sealing machines in 2018-2021. With the increase in SKU and sales, they need to purchase an automatic granule filling machine to package roasted nuts.

The Solution:

Sywen Packaging supplies SK-GD automatic premade pouch filling machine with a combined multi-head weigher. The machine uses a Siemens PLC control system, and all functions can be set through the touch screen without any manual operation. The eight-packaging-station manipulator operates the packaging quickly with stable operation and low loss.

High-precision combination multihead weigher as the measuring device, which has a fast measurement speed, and high precision, the weight error can reach ≤±1 g. One machine can complete batch number coding, measuring, filling, opening zipper, sealing, finished product output, etc., with high packaging efficiency, saving labor expenses and reducing production costs.

“The packaging performance of SK-GD is excellent, with its help, our factory can easily reach the production target. Sywen Packaging provides free technical support in usage, it’s the right decision that chooses Sywen among several machine suppliers .”