At present, milk powder packing methods mainly have three types-metal cans, plastic bottles, premade pouches, and other small sachets. The metal cans have the best sealing, strong pressure resistance, long shelf life, but their production and transportation costs are relatively high. Plastic bottles and plastic bags are convenient for consumers to carry with them.

As a professional milk powder packing machine manufacturer in China, we will introduce you to the application scope, functions, structure of the milk powder filling machine by the following article.

1. What is the application scope of the milk powder filling machine?

It can be used for automatic measuring food powder, commodity powder, metal powder, milk powder, rice powder, milk tea powder, starch, protein powder, seasoning and other powdered materials with good or poor fluidity.

2. What are the basic requirements of a packaging machine for milk powder filling?

It is hygiene. As a kind of food powder, sanitation is the most fundamental requirement for the packaging machine. On the one hand, the material of the machine must be food-grade stainless steel.

For the standard milk powder filling plant, milk powder is not allowed to fill manually, so an automatic powder filling machine is used. On the other hand, the packing materials (cans, bottles, premade-pouches, sachets) of milk powder must comply with food safety and hygiene standards.

Milk powder is a product that is both susceptible to absorbing moisture and to oxidation and spoilage, so the milk powder filling machine must be sealed well.

3. What are the main factors that affect sealing in the milk powder packaging process?

For bottled or canned milk powder, usually, there are the following four reasons for sealing.

  • The quality problem of bottle/cans and lid.

In many cases, it may be the quality of the bottle and cap. If the bottle and the lid are not well-matched, there may be air leakage when screwing the cap, and the screw cap is not tight.

If the quality of the cap is not good, the hardness is too soft, or the painting process on the outside of the cap is not good, the cap may be scratched when the cap is screwed.

  • The debugging of the machine.

The capping machine of milk powder is generally needed to be installed and debugged. If you do not adjust it properly or adjust some parameters at will, it may cause the equipment to comply with the original capping rules. In this case, it is generally recommended to contact the manufacturer, see if it is a matter of adjustment.

  • Machine quality.

For example, the equipment mold is not suitable or the program is not suitable, etc. These are all things that need to be solved by contacting the manufacturer.

  • Wrong models.

Each packaging machine has the best applicable scope. So please consult the manufacturer first when choosing bottles and caps.

For vffs packaging machine for milk powder, usually, there are following three reasons for sealing.

  • The melt fluidity of the stretched film heat seal layer.

Usually, the sachet of milk powder is back sealing, The horizontal seal of the packing bag has two layers of stretch film in some places, but four layers of stretch film in some places. The thickness of the film is different, but the same sealing effect must be achieved in one sealing during the horizontal sealing, this requires the heat-sealing PE of the packaging material have a certain melt fluidity under the action of temperature and pressure, in the heat sealing process, fill the sealing area, better seal the junction of two-layer material and four-layer material.

  • The thermal adhesive strength of the heat-sealing layer of the stretch film is insufficient.

Thermal adhesive strength refers to the heat-seal strength of the packaging film after being sealed under heat and pressure without cooling. This index is very important for the automatic vertical form to fill seal machine because the working principle of the automatic sachet filling machine is that the stretch film is back-sealed during operation firstly, secondly horizontal sealing at the bottom, thirdly the filling head starts filling, at last, cutting sachets. When the heat sealing knife loses at that moment, the milk powder drops to the bottom of the sachet from top to bottom. If the thermal adhesive strength of the film is not large enough, some parts of the horizontal seal will be blown away at the moment of filling, causing air leakage.

  • The powder sticks to the inside of the sealing.

This problem occurs in the horizontal sealing of VFFS machine, which is also the most difficult problem to solve. There are many reasons for this kind of problem,  it may be the poor cooperation between the VFFS packaging machine and the metering auger, or the unreasonable design of the unloading valve leads to inconsistent pace during operation, or the floating dust from the blanking material is adsorbed on the sealing area.

If it is the first case and the second case, you need to adjust the accessories of the VFFS packaging machine. If it is the third case, it is necessary to choose the stretch packing film with a certain amount of anti-static agent and slip agent added to the inner layer of PE. At the same time, the anti-pollution and heat-sealing properties of PE materials must be considered.

4. What are the functions of the automatic milk powder vertical form fill seal (VFFS) machine (for small sachets/pouches)?

The VFFS powder filling machine can complete all the packaging processes of metering, feeding, making sachets, bag filling, exhaust, and date printing, automatically counting and conveying.

5. What kind of packing material is suitable for the VFFS milk powder packing machines (for small sachets/pouches)?

Polyester/polyethylene, polyester aluminized polyethylene, polyester aluminum foil polyethylene, paper polyethylene, nylon, and other composite stretch film packing material that can be heat sealed.

6. How many sealing methods of vertical form fill seal machine for milk powder?

Back sealing, three sides sealing and four sides sealing.

7. What customization can be added to the sachets for the milk powder VFFS Packaging Machine?

  • Multiple bags.
  • Serrated knife/flat knife (end sealing method).
  • Coding machine (hot printing production date, batch number).
  • Exhaust device (exhaust excess air from the bag).
  • Punching device.
  • Gusseting bags.
  • Tear notch.
milk powder VFFS Packaging customization

8. What is the main structure of the milk powder VFFS machine?

Metering auger, filling head, hopper, bag former, coding machine, heat sealing device, cutter.

9.For canned or bottled milk powder filling lines, which machines are usually included?

  • Semi-automatic bottle-feeding turntable machine.
  • Automatic bottle/cans unscrambler.
  • Cans cleaning. (purging the impurity inside cans)
  • Can Turning Machine.
  • UV sterilization.
  • The automatic auger powder filling machine.
  • Spoon insertion. (for cans)
  • Automatic weight checker with rejection function.
  • Electromagnetic aluminum foil induction sealing machine. (for bottles)
  • Automatic capping machine.
  • Automatic labeling machine.
  • Automatic coding machine.
  • Depalletising / unscrambling.

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