1. Compound seasoning is a blue ocean market in the spice industry

There are tens of thousands of different foods in different countries, why are the tastes so different? The most important reason is the combination of spices. With the rapid development of the national economy and the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, the diverse needs of consumers have driven the rapid development of the global flavor and fragrance industry, single flavor and functional spice can no longer meet the taste needs of modern life.

With nutrition and health as consumer needs, compound seasonings made for different dishes will become a new trend in the development of the spice industry. According to the catering industry’s demand for standardization and convenience, household consumption’s demand for convenience, deliciousness, and nutrition, and the food processing industry’s demand for specialization, the spice market will gradually become more segmented in functions and application scenarios.

Different Spice Powder In The Market

2. Flexible premade pouch packaging-low cost, wide application, convenient transportation

The plastic premade bag is the earliest form of packaging for spice powder, it has many advantages such as convenience, quickness, wide use, simple transportation, and low investment cost won the favor of the majority of herb and seasoning powder manufacturers.

Common types of flexible premade pouches for packaging seasoning powder include flat bottom bags, three-side-sealed bags, four-side-sealed bags, stand-up pouches, stand-up pouches with zipper, standing pouches without zipper, premade bags with gussets, etc.

3. Small manual spice powder premade pouch packing machine-low cost, simple structure, superior packaging performance

The semi-automatic powder filling machine is the packaging machine that manually supplies packaging materials(such as flexible premade bags, bottles, cans, etc.), and the machine can automatically complete the metering and filling procedures. Our semi-automatic powder packaging machine is mainly composed of a frame, hopper, discharge port, auger, and other components.

It has the characteristics of lightweight, low cost, and strong working reliability. The operation and maintenance are very convenient, and it is a powerful helper for small and medium-sized seasoning powder manufacturers in small batch production. Although the manual powder filling machine is more labor-intensive, relatively speaking, it has a wider filling range and less limitation than the full-automatic powder filling machine.

SF-02 Small Spice Powder Filling Machine
SF-JD Manual Spice Powder Premade Pouch Filling Machine

We have two models of semi-automatic powder filling machines that are suitable for packaging pre-made seasoning powder-SF-02 and SF-JD, which can be used to fill dry, free-flowing spice powder, such as ginger powder, cumin powder, pepper powder, ground cinnamon powder, sweet paprika powder, chili powder, Grill Mates, turmeric root ground powder, ground cumin seed powder, onion powder, garlic powder, ground clove powder, sweet curry powder, ground allspice powder, mace ground powder, umami powder, sumac seasoning powder, turmeric (Haldi) root powder, cardamom (Elachi) ground powder, Indian Masala powder ), Annatto powder (know as ground achiote seed powder), Devil chili powder, Chai spice powder, steak seasoning powder, All-Purpose seasoning powder, coriander ground powder, white pepper ground powder and other herb and spice seasoning powder.

4. How to choose a suitable manual spice powder premade pouch filling machine?

If the seasoning powder packaging is diversified, there are bottles, cans, and pre-made bags, and the packaging range is 5g-5000g, it is recommended to use the SF-02 semi-automatic spice powder filling machine. Note that the powder filling machine will equip the metering auger with corresponding specifications according to different filling specifications. Therefore, when consulting the spice filling machine, be sure to list all your filling specifications.

If the spice powder has only one kind of packaging, flexible premade pouch packaging, and the filling range is 1KG-5KG, then the SF-JD semi-automatic powder filling machine is more suitable. If fill spice powder more than 1KG, SF-JD adopts the weighing and filling method when packaging, it is more accurate than single auger measuring. When filling the seasoning powder, you only need to manually place the bag on the discharge opening, and the machine will automatically clamp the bag to automatically complete the automatic metering and filling.

Sywen Packaging is a China manual spice powder premade pouch packing machine manufacturer. In addition to the manual seasoning powder filling machine, we also provide a complete set of semi-automatic spice powder packaging equipment, such as the manual bottle capping machine, semi-automatic plastic bag heat sealing machine and etc.

Tell us your detailed packaging requirements for seasoning powder, and we will recommend the most suitable packaging machine to you in the shortest possible time! Contact us right now!