1. Seasoning industry-small variety, large market

Seasoning is used to reconcile taste and smell, and it has the functions of removing fishy, removing mutton, enhancing fragrance and enhancing freshness, etc., it is widely used in the diet, cooking and food processing. Seasoning, as an important raw material to harmonize flavors, is closely related to food culture and is very close to people’s daily lives. Therefore, the seasoning industry can be said to be an evergreen industry.

The global annual turnover of condiments is as high as 250 billion US dollars, accounting for about 12% of the food industry’s turnover. Spice powder is a must-chosen consumer product and has strong anti-cyclicality. Seasoning consumption is a necessary consumption in daily life, and it remains stable even when the economy and consumption decline.

Spice powder is a kind of seasoning. As a necessity for dishes, it has strong consumption rigidity and usually has a stable sales volume. It is less affected by the macroeconomic cycle and has strong anti-cyclical properties. With the development of the catering industry, the market demand for spice powder has also greatly increased and has gradually developed into the characteristics of large output, multiple varieties, and wide sales, thus forming a “small variety, large market” pattern. In the future, the seasoning industry will develop in a competitive market where the Red Sea and the Blue Sea coexist.

Different kinds of seasoning powder

2. The glass jar is the main container for the packaging of high-end spice powder

Due to the technical limitations of glass materials and molding processing, some better design ideas are often not realized on glass packaging. However, glass jars are still the main packaging type for medium and high-end spice powders, 80%-90% of glass packaging containers are glass bottles and jars.

Cylindrical glass jars are the most versatile and the most used due to their high strength and simple forming process. Square, oval, and other special-shaped bottles used for appreciation functions are mostly used for packaging bottles with low internal pressure strength requirements. The mouth of the glass jar has various forms, and its design is mainly considered from the following aspects: the volatility of the packaged goods, the convenience of taking the material, and the ease of sealing.

Most of the spice powder is directly or indirectly derived from plants, such as pepper, chili noodles, five-spice powder, curry powder, etc., which are mainly used to increase the color and fragrance of food. Moisture is one of the criteria for judging the quality of seasoning powder, it is generally required to be controlled below a certain index value.

This low moisture content makes the seasoning powder have higher requirements for the humidity conditions of the storage environment. If it is too much, the spice powder is easy to absorb moisture and agglomerate. At the same time, it provides good conditions for the growth of microorganisms, which is easy to causes the seasoning powder to become moldy. The moisture barrier of packaging materials is an important barrier to prevent moisture in the environment from penetrating into the packaging, causing the flavor powder to agglomerate and mold.

Spice Glass Bottle With Inner Plug

The sealing performance of glass jars is better than that of plastics, it can be sealed with a lid with a piece of aluminum foil or special inner plug. Plastic bottles will leak out some small molecules, which may contaminate things inside. Glass bottles are better than plastic bottles for air isolation and moisture resistance. The seasoning powder is packaged in a glass bottle to ensure that the product will not be damp, and the product can be stored at room temperature, you only need to pay attention to tighten the bottle cap after each use. Like Simply Organic spice powder is also mainly filled in glass bottles.

3. SF-02 Manual Spice Powder Jar Filling machine-small, low-cost, wide filling range

Sywen Packaging is a professional semi-automatic powder jar filling machine manufacturer in China. According to the packaging form of the product, our manual powder filling machine can be divided into the pre-made pouch manual powder filling machine, manual bottle/jar/cans powder filling machine, and big packaging bags manual powder filling machine.

Among our semi-automatic powder packaging machines, the SF-02 semi-automatic auger powder filling machine is suitable for packaging Simply Organic 5g-5000g of dry spice powder. The applicable packaging bottle types include cylindrical, square, and other special bottle-shaped glass jars, glass bottles, plastic bottles.

This semi-automatic spice powder jar filling machine has high filling flexibility and a large filling span. The whole machine is made of all stainless steel, and all parts in contact with powder materials are made of 304 stainless steel, which meets GMP standards and food hygiene certification. It has the characteristics of simple and compact structure, light and small, low production cost, and strong working reliability.

SF-02 semi-automatic powder packaging machine adopts the auger measuring method, and there is no limit on the packaging container, all kinds of bags, bottles, cans, and non-standard containers can be filled. Auger unloading is a volumetric metering method, and the volume of material will be released after the spiral turns, which is the packaging specification.

The factor that determines the packaging efficiency of the semi-automatic powder filling machine is actually the volume of the distance between the blades of each auger. The consistency of the volume of each blade distance of the auger is the basic condition that determines the measurement accuracy of the semi-automatic powder packaging machine. In addition, the blade outer diameter, the blade bottom diameter, and the spiral blade shape will all have an impact on packaging accuracy and speed.

For SF-02 semi-automatic spice powder filling machine, it can fill spice powder from 5g to 5000g by adjusting and replacing different specifications of the spiral auger, it is more suitable used as a supplement to the automatic spice powder packaging machine, and deal with the task of small-batch production.

In the past 10 years of experience in packaging powder materials, Sywen Packaging provides spice powder packaging equipment with high-quality packaging performance for many seasoning powder manufacturers. Contact us now to get a professional packaging suggestion in spice powder!