1. Under the COVID-19 epidemic, household consumption in the spice industry has grown strongly

Spice is a supplementary food that can increase the color and fragrance of dishes, promote appetite, and is beneficial to human health. Spice is not only used for cooking food, but also for food processing, some of the spices have nutritional value and health care functions, but some spice companies also show a trend of rising performance against the trend.

After the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, as some catering companies closed their stores one after another, the cash flow was tight, and the spice industry was greatly affected, but some condiment companies also showed their performance against the trend.

By comparing the financial reports of listed condiments companies, we found that in the case of insufficient power in the catering channel, most of the companies with rising sales performance focus on household consumption. At the same time, distributors covering all parts of the country have played an important role for condiment companies to penetrate the market.

Home Cooking

In the condiment industry, catering, households, and industry are the main consumer end. Under the influence of the epidemic, although catering demand has dropped extremely, on the other hand, home life has become the norm, and family demand has skyrocketed.

The common point of these companies is that the catering channel accounts for a relatively small proportion, and the negative impact of the epidemic is even smaller. At the same time, the epidemic has a certain stimulus effect on C-end consumption. These are the reasons why many condiment companies can grow against the trend during the epidemic.

2. Glass bottle is one of the main packaging forms of high-end spice powder

In order to obtain an effective and good flavor of spices, seasoning manufacturers need to store the spices in airtight containers. With the development of the food packaging industry, the packaging forms of spice powder are becoming more and more diversified, but glass bottles are still one of the main forms of spice powder packaging.

Although glass is fragile, the cost of transportation and storage is relatively high, but through the use of thin-walled lightweight and physical and chemical toughening technology, the shortcomings of glass fragility and impact resistance have been significantly improved.

Food-grade glass bottles are non-toxic, odorless, transparent, beautiful, have good barrier properties, have good airtightness, low prices, can be recycled many times, and have the advantages of heat resistance, pressure resistance, and cleaning resistance, it can be sterilized at high temperatures or stored at low temperatures.

Therefore, the output of glass bottles is increasing year by year under the fierce competition with plastics and tin cans. These many advantages make glass bottles the first choice for many high-end spice powder packaging methods.

Seasoning Powder In Glass Bottle

3. Manual spice powder bottle filling machine-economical, can filling many types of containers

The spice powder packaging machine is an indispensable machine in the spice production process, and the semi-automatic powder filling machine is the most compatible type of packaging seasoning powder to the container, the widest range of filling specifications, and the most economical machine type.

Among our semi-automatic powder packaging machines, the SF-02 small manual powder filling machine is suitable for packaging all kinds of round, square, and special-shaped glass bottles, glass jars, PE bottles, metal cans, etc. The filling range is 5g-5000g, suitable for packing all kinds of powdery spices that are easy to flow or have poor fluidity.

The machine uses a servo motor or a stepping motor to drive the auger to rotate and achieve the purpose of metering and filling materials. Different configurations can be customized according to the characteristics of the spice powder. When the specific gravity of the spice powder changes, some technical parameters can be fine-tuned to achieve the ideal filling accuracy and speed.

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