In July 2022, a read-to-eat food manufacturer in the United States contacted Sywen Packaging. They needed to purchase a semi-automatic round can filling machine to package cooked chicken, the sealing machine should be about to adjustable the can height, and the soup in the meet should avoid flowing out when sealing.


Product: cooked chicken breast
Packing: round metal can
Filling Specification: 4.5 OZ/can
Can Size: diameter 9 cm x height 6.5 cm
Sealing Speed: 3-5 cans/min
Special requirements: before sealing the tank, it is necessary to vacuum and fill nitrogen, and the residual oxygen in the tank should be ≤3%.


Supplied Machine:

The can sealing machine integrates the functions of vacuuming, nitrogen filling, and can sealing. When sealing the can, manually place the can and lid on the stainless steel bracket, and the machine will automatically fix the can body and complete the sealing. The residual oxygen content is ≤3%.

The can body does not rotate during the sealing process, which is especially suitable for packaging fragile or liquid-containing products. This semi-automatic can sealing machine can be used to seal round metal cans, paper cans, aluminum cans, tin cans, etc., the can height is 50-140mm, and the can diameter is 50-200mm (other sizes can be customized), and the sealing speed can reach 5 -8 cans/min (related to the can size).

The vacuum sealing parts of the vacuum sealing chamber is made of food-grade silicone material, and the minimum vacuum pressure can reach 0.07MPa. The machine body and main parts are made of 304 stainless steel and food-grade materials, which are easy to clean and maintain. The pneumatic components and electromagnetic valves are AIRTEC brands, which can ensure the stability of the sealing quality.