In January 2022, a baking flour manufacturer from Texas, USA contacted Sywen Packaging. Due to the growing business and higher labor costs, they decided to purchase a manual powder packing machine to improve packaging efficiency.


  • Powder Product: high protein wheat flour for baking
  • Packing: kraft paper premade pouch with zipper
  • Package Weight: net wt 4 lb(1.84 kg)
  • Filling Speed: 5-10 bags/min
  • Filling Precision: ≤3‰
  • Special Request: In order to reduce the dust pollution in the workshop, the manual powder packing machine should have a better dustproof design when filling.


The customer had contacted several Chinese powder filling machine manufacturers before, but the semi-automatic powder packaging machines were not equipped with particularly good dust-proofing devices.


Recommended Machine Models:

SF-T automatic screw feeder is ideal for conveying powder materials, and the conveying capacity can reach 3-6 CMB/hour.

SF-JD manual powder packaging machine is a weighing-type powder filling machine. The bag is manually placed at the discharge port, and the stainless steel clamp will automatically clamp the bag to start weighing and filling.

It is designed for packaging viscous premade pouches, the filling range is 1KG-5KG. We customized multiple dustproof devices at the discharge port of the machine, which greatly reduces dust pollution during the filling process.