Automatic powder filling machine saves labor and production time than manual powder filling machines. However, due to various comprehensive factors, such as the scale of the manufacturer and the structure of the workshop, in some cases, the semi-automatic powder filling opportunity is more suitable.

At the initial stage of starting a business, individuals or small-scale enterprises will choose a more cost-effective way to invest in equipment costs, semi-automatic powder filling machine is one of the optional packaging equipment. The semi-automatic powder filling machine can achieve the measurement and filling of viscous kind of powders products. Whether you are filling bags, sachet, cans, or bottles, the semi-automatic powder filling machine can be adjusted according to your packaging needs.

SF-02 Semi Automatic Auger Powder Filling Machine
SF-02 Manual Auger Filling Machine

Sywen Packaging has made some improvements to the manual powder filling machine based on the user’s cost budget and the quality of the machine. All semi-automatic powder filling machines are controlled by PLC, and parameters can be easily set on the touch screen control panel, which is more convenient for users to use. You can change the filling weight within a certain range without changing another machine.

The thickness of the augers for different powders will also be different, ensuring the smoothest material discharge, accurate measurement, and leakage prevention. The manual powder filling machine measures the material by controlling the rotation speed or time of the augers and fills it into the packaging container. To a certain degree, the automation of packaging is realized, which can help you gain more profit by improving filling efficiency.

The storage bin of the filling machine has three types-whole stainless steel hopper, transparent hopper, and quick open hopper. The manual powder filling machine is suitable for filling powder particles with good fluidity, and can also be used for filling thick powder with poor fluidity, such as starch, but it is not suitable for fragile flake materials or with a large specific gravity of materials. Its measurement accuracy depends on the manufacturing precision of the augers, the cooperation gap between the auger and the catheter, and the auger rotation speed, and so on.

Application Scope Of Manual Powder Filling Machine

▪ Drinking Powder

Like soy milk powder, multigrain powder, condiments, coffee powder, enzyme preparation, walnut powder, sesame powder, peanut powder, soybean powder, kudzu powder, ginger powder, flour, tea powder, almond powder, buckwheat powder, glucose powder, broken wall Spore powder, colostrum powder, baby rice powder, food additives, nutritional supplements, and other types of powder filling.

Medicine Powder

Like western medicine powder, Chinese medicine powder, veterinary medicine powder, etc.

Seasoning Powder

Like pepper powder, chili powder, mustard powder, spice powder, flavor powder, chicken powder, monosodium glutamate powder, sugar powder, and other mixed seasoning powder filling.

Other Powders

Like daily necessities powder, disinfection powder, washing powder, skincare powder, facial mask powder, chemical powder, and other types of powder filling.

After-Sales Service Without Worry Once You Purchasing Our Manual Powder Filling Machine

(1) Free warranty within one year

(2) Provide technical support and services for the lifetime is free.

(3) If the warranty period is exceeded or a human fault occurs, maintenance parts will be charged with a cost price.

◆ The manual powder packaging machine is made of whole stainless steel, which meets the GMP/food sanitation certification requirements. A large-capacity hopper reduces the number of refills.

◆ All of our semi-automatic powder filling machines can be equipped with a stainless steel leak-proof device, which is non-drip and durable.

◆ Humanized control panel, simple operation, parameters can be stored for later use, and several filling parameters can be stored.

◆ Our semi-automatic powder filling machine has high positioning accuracy, large torque, long life, and filling speed can be set.

◆ The filling parameters can be adjusted infinitely at any time, the working state can be changed at any time, and the operation is convenient.

◆ The machine adopts a maintenance-free gear motor for mixing, which has the advantages of low noise, long life, and maintenance-free for a lifetime.

◆ The unloading method is spiral discharging. You can replace other diameters augers to adapt ultra-fine powder or large particle powder.

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