1. Semi-automatic powder bottle packaging equipment-low price, superior filling performance

Individuals or small-scale workshops in the early stages of entrepreneurship, for equipment cost investment, will choose a more economical way, manual powder filling machine is one of the optional packaging equipment. The semi-automatic powder bottle filling machine adopts the working principle of auger metering, which is suitable for filling glass bottles, ceramic bottles, plastic bottles, and other bottles. The filling range is 5g-1000g, and the minimum inner diameter of the bottle mouth can be about 20mm.

The semi-automatic powder bottle packaging machine has a wide range of applications and is widely used for packaging loose and free-flowing powder in the chemical, food, pharmaceutical, veterinary, pesticide, and feed industries.

● Application of semi-automatic powder bottle filling machine in pharmaceutical powder.

Oral cleansing powder, such as tooth powder.

Pharmaceutical powders, such as dry suspensions, veterinary powders, etc.

● Application of manual powder bottling machine in food powder production.

Nut powder products, such as walnut powder, lotus root powder, cashew nut powder, peanut powder, and almond powder, etc.

Meal replacement food powders, such as sesame powder, oatmeal powder, barley powder, soybean powder, flaxseed powder, etc.

Seasoning powder, such as curry powder, Pueraria powder, ginger powder, cumin powder, fine chili powder, etc.

Nutritional and health food powder, such as milk powder, protein powder, sports and fitness supplements powder, etc.

● Application of manual powder bottling filling machine in chemical powder packaging.

Chemical powders, such as special coatings powder, talcum powder, pigments, disinfectant powder, sulfur powder, biological agents, etc.

● Application of semi-automatic powder bottle filling machine in metal powder production industry.

Viscous kinds of metal powder, such as magnesium powder, iron powder, aluminum powder, alloy powder, etc.

2. What is the advantage of the manual powder bottle filling machine?

For the manual powder bottle filling machine, it is not necessary to buy another set of machines if change the filling weight within a certain range, which realizes the automation of powder packaging to a certain degree.

The machine is compact and easy to use, and all packaging parameters can be easily set on the touch screen control panel. Filling materials of different specifications, the thickness of the metering auger, and other design details will be different, to maximize the smoothness of material unloading and the accuracy of measurement.

As long as the operating speed is fast enough, 10-20 bottles can be filled in one minute. The food-grade stainless steel is used in the place where the packaging machine contacts the powder material, which is environmentally friendly and safe and can also play a general anti-corrosion function.

Our SF-02 manual auger powder filling machine can be used for packaging viscous kinds of bottles,  helping users achieve high-yield and high-quality filling at an affordable price.

3. How many sets of augers need to be equipped with the manual powder bottle packaging machine for filling 5g-1000g powder?

When selecting the metering auger of the powder packaging machine, the specifications of the auger (such as the diameter and the distance of each auger) must be determined and considered together with the packaging specifications. We will determine how many sets of augers need to be prepared according to your filling specifications. Under normal circumstances, 5g-1000g need to be equipped with 4-5 sets of augers.

4. How to use the semi-automatic powder bottle packaging machine?

First, set the filling specifications on the touch screen, manually place the bottle at the discharge port to get the material, and then place the filled bottle on the calibration scale for verification. If it exceeds the standard measurement error, the buzzer of the packaging machine will alarm, and the calibration scale will automatically correct the weight of the next bottle.

After 2-3 times of calibration, the packaging measurement is stable, and normal filling can be carried out. If change the powder type or packaging specifications, you need to re-calibrate the packaging weight again.

5. What kind of workshop environment should the manual powder bottling packaging machine be used in?

The workshop must do a good job of heat dissipation and ventilation. The semi-automatic powder bottle filling equipment should not be used in high temperatures, dampness, or messy use. It can not only avoid rapid damage to components and product contamination but also prevent the performance of the facility from being affected, thereby affecting the facility follow-up work efficiency and its use period.

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