Semi Automatic Plastic Bag Hot Sealing Machine

This manual pouch sealing machine is divided into two work modes-manual operation and pedal type sealing. Compressed air is used as power, and electrical pulse technology is used for sealing. It is an indispensable and necessary semi-automatic pre-made pouch sealing machine in the storage, and moisture-proof transportation of products, widely in industries such as chemical industry, grain, food, medicine, daily necessities, cosmetics, feed, electrical components, etc.

The material of the bag can be polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), polystyrene (PS), polyester (PET), ABS, aluminum foil and other plastic films that can be heat-sealed. Easy operation, high sealing accuracy, stable running, movement, low noise. PLC program control unit integrated machine, sealing and cooling time can be adjusted separately. Humanized intelligent parameter setting, the operation is more simple and convenient. Fewer wiring control methods reduce the failure rate.

Big Power Transformer

The high-power transformer has long service life and stable operation.

Supporting Plate

The height of the supporting plate is adjustable, the weighing is large and firm.

Widened Heating Wire

The heating wire is widened, the longest sealing length is 450mm.

Stainless Steel Cylinder

The high-quality stainless steel cylinder is leak-proof and durable.

Model SFK-QDYH Manual Pouch Sealing Machine
Hot Sealing Method single side or double sides heat sealing
Load-bearing Range 15 – 36 KG
Sealing Length 35 – 100 cm (customized)
Sealing Edge Width standard is within 8cm, can be customized
Heating Time 0.02 – 2 seconds