For the semi-automatic paste filling machine, with good routine maintenance, can not only maintain better filling performance but also greatly extend the service life of the machine. The following are five tips to pay attention to when using the machine, which can help you use the machine better.

1.When filling paste, it is best to use the same filling machine for the same type of material, please don’t use one filling machine for different paste, and make accurate classification to the materials, reduce the ineffective work of the paste filling equipment.

2. If the manual paste filling machine has a stirring function, usually the stirring function is the most power-consuming place in the whole packaging production process, so as far as possible, it is better the paste or sauce is mixed evenly before entering the hopper of the filling machine, shorten the working hours and stress of the filling machine Related experiments have found that materials that have been roughly stirred in advance, will save one-third of the electricity compared to materials that have not been stirred.

Manual Paste Filling Machine With Mixing Device

3. For a quantitative sauce filling machine, it must be filled with reference to the rated capacity of the filling machine, to ensure that the quantity is not excessive and not small. If you fill too much at one time or even exceed the maximum filling value, it will not only waste electrical energy but also endanger the service life of the equipment and increase power consumption.

4. The installation position of the manual sauce filling machine should be ventilated. It should be placed in a place with low ambient temperature and good ventilation conditions, leaving space near the engine to facilitate heat dissipation.

5. The inside and outside of the machine should be cleaned regularly, especially the piston parts, engine parts, and curved rod parts. It not only needs lubricating oil but also needs to be kept clean, which can speed up heat dissipation and shorten the kinetic energy of the engine.

The above five tips can not only extend the service life of the equipment but also save purchasing costs of the machine, bring benefits to the enterprise.