In February 2022, a small watercolor paint manufacturer in the United States contacted Sypen Packaging. In order to improve the packaging efficiency, they need to purchase 2 sets of semi-automatic liquid filling machines to fill viscous water-based paints.


Product: water-based acrylic color pigment
Packing: plastic bottles
Filling Specification: 236 g/bottle
Filling Speed: 20-30 bottles/min
Filling Accuracy: ±3 g


(1). There are many colors, formulas, and different degrees of viscosity of the pigments, the machine must be able to fill viscous liquids and highly viscous liquids without changing any accessories.

(2). The cleaning method of the machine should be simple, and it is not necessary to disassemble too many related accessories.

(3). When filling, try to avoid the paint dripping on the bottle body.


Supplied Machine:

SY-TZ Semi-Automatic Packaging Machine For Viscous

The core components of the viscous filling machine are the metering pump and the motor. The pump is stainless steel cam rotor pump, a double rotor structure, that can ensure stable delivery when running, suitable for the filling high-viscosity, particle-containing media in food, and chemical industries.

The flowing through parts of the material are made of 304 stainless steel, which conforms to the hygienic standards of food machines. Anti-drip filling head, servo driven motor, which has strong stability, fast response speed, precise control, and strong anti-overload capability. The machine has an auto cleaning function, which can be washed repeatedly with detergent or pure water.


The actual filling speed can reach 30-45 bottles/minute, the filling accuracy is ±1 g, both the filling speed and filling precision is beyond the customer’s expectations, and the packaging efficiency is very high.