The Background:

In December 2022, a manufacturer of personal protective products in Jamaica approached Sywen Packaging and entrusted us to customize a liquid filling solution to help his small but developing business.

The Challenge:

The product is non-woven wet wipes. The customer needs a liquid filling machine to fill viscous liquid into the pouch with non-woven wipes. The liquid is a mix of isopropyl alcohol, water, light soap, and minimal oils such as vitamin E, etc, the liquid does not foam during filling. The filling volume is from 50ML-500ML. Due to the increase in orders, they needed a semi-automatic liquid filler machine to transition from manual packaging to a semi-automated stage.

The Solution:

Through in-depth discussions with the customer, the supplied machine is SY-NY desktop small liquid filling machine with double filling heads. The double filling heads can be used for filling alternately , alone or at the same time, the machine structure and operation are simple, very suitable for filling liquids with good free-flowing or slightly viscous liquids. This semi-automatic liquid-filling machine has no restrictions on packaging containers, which can be applied to fill premade pouches, bottles, jars, etc.

“When Sywen Packaging recommended the small table top liquid filling machine, we were a little skeptical about its filling performance and filling accuracy, but I am very satisfied with the actual packaging results. It really solves all the packaging issues in manual filling. The small size, the high packaging efficiency, the machine operators really love it.”