On January 4, 2022, Sywen Packaging received an inquiry from Chile for a manual hot sauce bottling machine, the content is as follows:

We are a small seasoning manufacturer, and now need two sets of semi-automatic liquid filling machines to fill the sauce with glass jars. Please send us the best offer.

Our reply on January 5, 2022:

Please send us the sauce pictures and filling specifications, so that we can customize the most suitable sauce packaging solution for you.

The client’s email on January 7, 2022:

The product is viscous fruit chili sauce(with small granular chili and fruit), which is filled in glass jars. The filling specifications are 482 g and 680 g.

Our reply on January 8, 2022:

What is the required filling speed and accuracy?

The client’s email on January 12, 2022:

10 bottles/min, the filling accuracy is ±1%. Can the manual liquid filling machine be directly used for hot filling?

Our reply on January 13, 2022:

What is the sauce temperature?

The client’s email on January 17, 2022:

It’s about 60℃. Does the hopper of the liquid filling machine have a stirring device?

Our reply on January 18, 2022:

Our semi-automatic sauce packaging machine can directly fill sauces at about 70°C, and the hopper of the filling machine can be equipped with or without a stirrer according to customer requirements.

The client’s email on January 19, 2022:

We need the hopper with an agitator.

Our reply on January 20, 2022:

According to the characteristics of sauces and specific filling requirements, we recommend the following semi-automatic liquid filling machine to you:

Machine Name Machine Specifications Quantity
Number of Filling Heads: 1
(the anti-drip filling head)
Measurement Method: the piston
Liquid Type: highly viscous liquid or viscous liquid with particles
Filling Range: 10-1000ML
Filling Speed: 10-20 bottles/min
2 Sets

The client’s email on January 26, 2022:

What is the volume of the hopper?

Our reply on January 27, 2022:

The standard volume of the hopper of this manual sauce filling machine is 30L, the volume can also be customized according to the customer’s needs.

The client’s email on February 4, 2022:

If filling sauce with pulp, is it easy to block the material?

Our reply on February 5, 2022:

No, it won’t. The machine adopts a refined three-way rotary valve, which can ensure the smooth transportation of granular viscous materials.

The Three-Way Rotary Valve

The client’s email on February 9, 2022:

What kind of stainless steel is the machine made of?

Our reply on February 10, 2022:

The part in contact with the material is thickened 304 stainless steel, and the rest is thickened 202 stainless steel.

The client’s email on February 13, 2022:

What is the height of the machine?

Our reply on February 14, 2022:

About 70 cm.

Later, we made further communication on the operation, after-sales service, etc. of the machine. On February 23, 2022, we received the full payment of the customer’s order. The machine was shipped from the factory to the port of destination on March 30, 2022. The customer received the machine on May 12, 2022.

Our technicians provided free technical guidance on the operation of the machine through remote video on May 17, 2022. The customer is very satisfied with the filling efficiency, quality of the machine and our after-sales service.

If you are looking for a semi-automatic sauce bottle filling machine, and want to know more about the machine’s technical parameters, measurement principle, filling speed, filling accuracy, etc., we hope the above glass jar hot sauce packaging case can give you some help and reference!

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