In May 2022, a liquid packaging machine manufacturer and importer in Thailand contacted Sywen Packaging. One of his clients needed to purchase a semi-automatic liquid filling machine to package granular chili paste, the filling speed should reach 600-900 bottles/hour.


Product: chili paste with less oil
Packaging: round glass jars
Packaging Weight: 138g, 250g
Filling Speed: 10-15 bottles/min
Filling Accuracy: ±1%
Other requirements: the hopper is with stirring function, and the stirring speed is adjustable.


Supplied Machine:

SY-KJ Semi-automatic Sauce Filling Machine

This semi-automatic liquid filling machine is suitable for filling paste, sauce, or viscous liquid containing solid particles in food, chemical, and other industries. The standard volume of a U-shaped stainless steel hopper is 50L/80L/200L (can be customized).

SY-KJ Manual Paste Filling Machine Structure

The hopper is equipped with a rotary vane type 304 stainless steel bracket, which makes the stirring more uniform. The filling valve is controlled by a pneumatic valve, and the filling volume, filling speed, and filling accuracy can be adjusted as needed.

The manual filling for paste adopts the brand 304 stainless steel piston cylinder as the metering device. The sealing part of the cylinder is made of PTFE material, which is wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant. The filling speed is 10-30 bottles/min. The connection between the hopper and the cylinder adopts a clamp design, which is convenient for dismantling and cleaning the machine.