In July 2022, a car cleaning product manufacturer in Pakistan contacted Sywen Packaging. They need to purchase a semi-automatic liquid filling machine to fill neutral car windshield cleaner, the filling speed should reach 450-600 bottles/ hour.


Product: windshield washer fluid
PH: 8
Filling Specification: 3-4 L
Packing: plastic gallon bottle
Filling Speed: 8-10 bottles/min
Filling Accuracy: ≤±1%


Supplied Machine:

This horizontal pneumatic liquid filling machine is used for filling liquids or viscous liquids with good fluidity in daily chemical, food, and other industries. The filling range is 10-5000ML (different filling specifications are equipped with different capacities of piston cylinders), and the filling speed can reach 1-30 bottles/min.

When filling, it is not necessary to connect the power supply, and the machine runs pneumatically, and there is no restriction on the packing method, it can fill premade pouches, bottles, jars, etc. Connect the filling machine to the liquid storage tank directly, and the liquid can be filled by self-suction without the in-feed system. The number of filling heads can be customized according to customer needs.

The manual liquid packaging machine is equipped with an anti-drip filling nozzle. The unique design of the filling head can effectively solve the problem of liquid leakage after filling, and the filling accuracy is higher. Brand air cylinder, with stable power. The sealing part of the cylinder is a PTFE piston, which has strong corrosion resistance, strong heat resistance, and good sealing performance.