Our manual capping machine uses electric and pneumatic components to control the operation, the capping speed can be adjusted at any time. Capping tightness can also be adjusted according to different shapes and specifications bottle caps. Several caps types and specifications can be capped, fastened and locked by one machine. Once the cap is tightened, the motor will automatically stop and then bounce, which can effectively avoid the abrasion of the cap.

Although the semi-automatic capping machine needs to manually place the bottle on the workbench, and cooperate with the machine for automatic capping, the capping speed is relatively slow, it has the widest range of applications. It is suitable for the bottle capping of sprayers, pump heads, round bottle caps and duck beak caps in various daily chemical, pharmaceutical, chemical and beverage industries. Big power, low noise, easy to use, safe and reliable.


Semi Automatic Lid Capping Machine
SXG-CG Manual Capping Machine