Semi Automatic Cans Seaming Machine

This manual can seaming machine is a newly developed cans sealer by Sywen Packaging,  well suitable for sealing various round cans such as tinplate cans, aluminum alloy cans, and paper cans, seaming speed is about 15-30 cans/min. The operation is simple and easy to learn. It is an ideal can seaming machine for luncheon meat cans, canned fruits, canned plums, canned seafood and fish, canned glucose, tea cans, coffee cans, etc.

During the can seaming process, the tank body does not rotate, has a wider application, and the multi-head sealing wheel rotates, avoid shifting, scattering, or damage of the good product in the can, which can be used to seal liquid, sauce, and granular products. Replace the cans pressing mold can seal the cans of the corresponding specification. The control panel layout is a simple, one-key operation. The body is made of stainless steel, which is easy to clean and maintain. With the pedal control panel, every time you step on it, the machine completes a cycle sealing operation, which is simple and easy to use.

How does the can sealming machine seal the cans?

1. Place the can with lid on the tray of the can seaming machine.

2. The first hob pushes forward and gradually rolls the cover hook under the body hook, the cover hook and the body hook are hooked with each other to form a double hook edge. The first crimping is completed, and the first hob exits.

3.Then second hob pushes forward the groove part, contact with the already formed flange. The hook of the lid and the hook of the can body are further bent, hooked, and compressed. After reaching the tightened state, the second crimping is completed and the sealing is completed.

Sealing Process (1)
Sealing Process (2)
Sealing Process (3)
Sealing Process (4)
Sealing Process (5)
Sealing Process (6)
Sealing Process (7)
Model SFG-FXZ Manual Can Seaming Machine
Machine Material whole stainless steel
Sealing Heads NOS 1
Can Sealing Speed 8-15 cans/min
Cans Height 50 – 200 mm (adjustable)
Cans Diameter 35 – 100 mm
Power 0.25 KW
Machine Net Weight 50 KG
Machine Size L 450 x W 550 x H 1250 mm