The main feature of manual can seamer is adding lid on cans manually, can is tightly pressed between the pressure head of the sealing machine and the supporting plate or the lifting plate, and then the can is sealed automatically by machine.

There are two types of crimping sealing methods – ① The can itself rotates with the pressure head. ② The can is fixed between the pressure head and the support plate and cannot rotate. The latter type of sealing is more suitable for sealing soups, sauces and similar products. Because the tank body does not rotate, it can prevent the soup in the tank from splashing out under the action of centrifugal force and causing insufficient net weight of the product.

Sealing with simple and compact structure, convenient operation and maintenance, small size, light weight and low noise. Cans of different sizes and diameters can be sealed by replacing a few parts. It is widely used in the sealing of cans, tinplate cans, paper cans, plastic cans, metal cans and glass cans, a good sealing helper for small and medium-sized beverage factories, cola, herbal tea, food factories, chemical plants, medicines, health products, etc.