Semi Automatic Cans Seaming Machine

This manual can seal machine is mainly used in the sealing of cans, iron cans, glass cans, PET cans, Tin cans, paper cans, and is generally used in the pharmaceutical, daily chemical, food, beverage, chemical, and other industries. Under normal circumstances, it is used as a machine independently or matched with a packaging line with small batches and a variety of products.

The cans body rotates when it is sealed, so it is suitable for the sealing of fragile food or liquid products. All electrical components are high-quality low-voltage electrical appliances with reliable working performance, cans lifting device adopts mechanical cam control, which is stable and reliable.

The height of the platform that cans are placed can be adjusted. Multiple heat-treated steel rollers, no damage to cans when sealing. High-quality brand motors to ensure stable cans sealing performance. Two working modes, manual mode or automatic mode when sealing.


♦ Edge banding roller, wear-resistant and durable, beautiful sealing.

♦ Thick stainless steel machine body, anti-corrosion and anti-rust.

♦ One machine can be used to seal cans of various specifications.

♦ Double pure copper movement motor, safe, stable and low noise.

♦ The height of the lifting cans can be adjusted up and down, the diameter of the can can be adjusted by changing the mould, and the height of the can can be adjusted for the same diameter.

♦ There are no special requirements for the material of the can, and a variety of cans can be easily sealed.

♦ Fast can sealing, firm sealing, tens of thousands cans can be sealed daily.

♦ It has widest application, powder, granule, solid, etc. can be sealed.

♦ Microcomputer control, intelligent control, adjustable interval time, intelligent counting.

♦ One-key working mode can be switched freely, automatic and pedal mode, fast and convenient.

♦ The motor is placed down, the center of gravity is stable, and it is safe to use.

♦ The thicker rotating shaft, nickel-plated and zinc-plated, is not easy to rust, and effectively protects the operation of the motor.

♦ The processing precision of the machine is very high, and the sealing quality is much higher than similar products in the market.

Semi Automatic Cans Sealer
Cans Type
Model SFG-XZ Manual Can Sealing Machine
Machine Material whole stainless steel
Sealing Heads NOS 1
Can Sealing Speed 15-25 cans/min
Cans Height 50 – 200 mm (adjustable)
Cans Diameter 50 – 126 mm
Power 0.55 KW
Machine Net Weight 55 KG
Machine Size L 400 x W 600 x H 1450 mm