Manual Cans Sealer

SFG-ZK manual can sealer is designed according to the packing demand for nitrogen, widely used for sealing canned products like cat food, dog food, canned fruit, coffee beans, protein powder and other products. It is a single head vacuum sealing equipment with two pairs of roll seam sealing wheels (four rollers in total), specially used for the sealing of tinplate and aluminum alloy round cans (square cans) of various specifications and sizes.

It has the function of vacuuming the can while sealing, and the nitrogen generator can be filled with nitrogen, so that the product has a long-term quality guarantee. This can sealer is equipped with electromagnetic clutch and electromagnetic brake.

With the design of logic circuit electrical appliances, it can automatically identify normal or fault conditions. It is only allowed to pass through the roll-sealing mechanism smoothly with cans and lids. Multiple safety protection devices ensure the safe operation of the machine.

The outer cover and main parts of the machine are made of 202 or 304 stainless steel, the seals of the vacuum system are made of silica gel. Except for the manual operation of the can and lid, the vacuuming and nitrogen filling of this machine are all automatically controlled. It adopts a programmable controller of world famous brand, and the parameters can be set on the touch screen.

Stainless steel roll-sealed vacuum outer cover, accurate adjustment of hob arm and stable performance. All pneumatic components and solenoid valves are of high quality China famous brand. Use high-precision digital display pressure sensor to detect vacuum pressure. Oil-free vacuum pump is used for vacuuming part. The entire sealing process is carried out in a sealed chamber.

Model SFG-ZK Manual Can Sealer
Machine Material whole stainless steel
Sealing Heads NOS 1
Can Sealing Speed 8 – 15 cans/min
Cans Height 50 – 180 mm (adjustable)
Cans Diameter 50 – 120 mm
Power 1.1 KW
Working Pressure > 0.6 MPa
Vacuum -0.07 MPa
Machine Net Weight 60 KG
Machine Size L 1030 x W 750 x H 1650 mm