Caps Samples
Semi Automatic Bottle Capper

SXG-CG manual capping machine is a GMP standard machine, which can be used in the process of tightening the plastic thread bottle caps. Generally, no special limit to cap types, bottle caps diameter 18-60 mm like round caps, screw caps, plastic caps, duckbill caps, all can use it for locking or capping. Electrical automatic control, stable screw capping.

It mainly consists of two parts, the capping head and the main transmission system. With screw cap positioning device, the cap lock is very standard and easy to operate. A wide range of capping caps, caps of various shapes and specifications can be screwed in one machine. The capping speed is fast and the screwing is firm, and the tightness can also be adjusted according to the needs. This manual capping machine requires an air compressor while working, please provide it by your own side.

The whole machine is sturdy and durable, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant. Humanized operation, self-counting, convenient and worry-free. The two capping working modes can be switched freely, which can be controlled by a foot switch or the machine can automatically cap. Foot switch control-step on the foot switch once and turn the cover once. Automatic capping-in the automatic state, capping once at intervals.

How to use the manual capping machine?

(1). Put the bottle cap on the bottle mouth manually, then place the bottle under the 4 friction wheels, and set the screw cap height of the machine.

(2). When the machine is capping, the 4 friction wheels move closer to the middle and keep rotating, and the bottle cap rotates with the friction wheel under the action of friction to complete capping.

Height Adjustment Hand Wheel

Hand wheel for adjusting the height of screw cap.

Double Motor Screw Cap

Brand dual motors ensure big power output, durable when capping.

Rubber Bottle Positioning Device

Rubber wheels, no skid, no damage to bottle caps.

Model SXG-CG Manual Capping Machine
Bottle Height 38 – 300 mm (customized)
Caps Diameter 18 – 60 mm (customized)
Bottle Diameter 35 – 140 mm (customized)
Working Pressure 0.3 – 0.5 MPa
Capping Speed 20 -50 times/min
Capping Method manually or automatically, two working modes
Power 0.12 KW
Machine Size 600 x 450 x 600 mm
Net Weight 28 KG