1. What is the function of “auger” in the manual powder filling machine?

There are two types of powder filling machines based on the principle of quantitative filling-auger type powder packaging machine and powder weighing filling machine. The volumetric quantitative filling is achieved by controlling the volume of the material to be filled. The auger powder filling machine belongs to the category of volumetric quantitative filling, it has the advantages of simple structure, no weighing device, low cost, and high filling efficiency.

The disadvantage of the auger powder packaging machine is the filling accuracy varies greatly according to the different materials to be filled, mainly depending on the stability of the specific gravity of the material, the uniformity of the powdery particle size, and the hygroscopicity and looseness of the filling material.

The auger is the volumetric metering device used in the manual powder filling machine, it is measured by the number of turns of the auger. The metering and filling system of the semi-automatic powder packaging machine mainly consists of a drive motor, a storage hopper, the auger, and a PLC system. Our SF-02 manual powder filling machine is a semi-automatic powder packaging machine with auger metering.

(1). The manual auger powder packaging machine has a simple structure, it is relatively simple to clean up, repair, and maintain when using.

(2). A variety of packaging methods and packaging specifications can be filled with a semi-automatic auger powder filling machine.

(3). The cost of the manual auger powder filling machine is relatively low. Although it takes labor, if the operator is skilled, the filling speed is sometimes not slower than the automatic auger powder packaging machine.

(4). The manual auger filler occupies a relatively small workshop area, and the flexibility of the machine placement is relatively high.

3. For food, chemical, pharmaceutical, and other powder manufacturers, when consulting a manual auger powder packaging machine, what information should be provided to determine the configuration of the machine?

For example, how to choose a suitable semi-automatic auger powder packaging machine for food powder manufacturers?

(1). Analyze the characteristics of food powder.

Q1: What is the density of food powder?

A1: If the density of the powder is similar to that of flour, about 0.52 g/ml, it belongs to ordinary powder, not the fine powder. The semi-automatic auger powder filling machine can be measured with the standard auger.

Q2: Is the food powder is a free-flowing body or a non-free-flowing body? is it easy to dust or leak during the filling process?

A2: The manual auger powder filling machine is most suitable for filling powders with better fluidity. If the powder is easy to dust or leak during filling, it is necessary to install a leak-proof device and a dust-proof tube.

Q3: Does the food powder contain oil, is it dry or relatively moist powder? Whether is it corrosive?

A3: If the food powder does not contain oil, is a dry powder, and has no stickiness, it is more suitable for using an auger-type manual powder filling machine. If the powder is relatively sticky, it is necessary to use the semi-automatic powder weighing filling machine to pack.

The food powder is not corrosive. Except for the special requirements of customers, the parts that are in contact with food powder are made of 304 stainless steel to meet the hygiene requirements of food production and not necessary to be made of 316L stainless steel.

(2). Analysis of the requirements of the filling specifications, filling accuracy, and packaging speed of the food powder.

Q1: How many packing methods for the food powder?

A1: Our SF-02 manual auger powder filling machine can be used to pack all kinds of pre-made bags, bottles, and cans, and there is no limit on the packaging method of food powder.

Q2: How many packaging specifications are there?

A2: The number of packaging specifications determines how many sets of different specifications augers need to be equipped. The number of packaging specifications determines how many sets of screws of different specifications need to be equipped.

The price of the standard semi-automatic auger powder filling machine only includes one set of augers. If the range of packaging specifications is quite different, in order to ensure accuracy, the auger powder packaging machine needs to be equipped with multiple specifications of augers.

Q3: What are the packaging requirements for filling speed and accuracy for food powder?

A3: The filling accuracy of the manual auger-type powder filling machine is +/-1%. The powder density is different, the filling speed is different for the same filling specification.

(3). Analyze the type of filled food powder.

Q1: How many kinds of food powder materials need to be packaged?

A1: If the density of the powder material is similar, it can be filled with one semi-automatic auger powder filling machine with the same configuration. If the material density differs much, when exchanging the food powder, you need to set the relevant technical parameters to achieve the ideal filling speed and accuracy.

4. What kind of powder can be filled with the SF-02 manual auger powder filling machine?

Sywen Packaging is a professional manual auger powder filling machine manufacturer in China, our SF-02 semi-automatic auger type powder packaging machine can be used to pack 5g-5000g fluidity, dry, ordinary powder or fine powder, which is not limited by the packaging method, can fill all kinds of premade pouches, glass bottles, plastic bottles, ceramic cans, glass cans, iron cans, etc.

It is widely used to fill milk powder, starch, pesticides, pharmaceutical powder, veterinary powder, premix powder, additive powder, seasoning powder, feed, pepper powder, chili powder, protein powder, rice powder, nut powder, tea powder, coffee powder, cocoa powder, flour, tea powder, enzyme preparations and other chemicals, food, tea powder, medicine powder.

The machine can be equipped with dust-proof and anti-leakage devices according to the characteristics of the powder materials. There is an arch-breaking device in the silo of the packaging machine to loosen the materials before filling, to ensure the uniform when unloading.

For the same model semi-automatic auger powder packaging machine, we can design different metering augers, PLC control, unloading systems according to the powder characteristics. If you get free professional advice on powder packaging, please contact us immediately.