The Background:

In July 2022, a Spanish cosmetics manufacturer and repeat customer needed an automatic packaging solution for skin care lotion to improve packaging efficiency. The lotion is packaged in round PE bottles, the packaging specifications are 230ML, and 480ML, the packaging speed should reach 15-20 bottles/minute.

The Challenge:

When customers request the product changeover should be fast and easy. When the viscous lotion is filled by a manual liquid filling machine, it is easy to drip on the bottle. So after filling, it needs to be wiped manually, so they hope the automatic liquid filling machine can solve this problem.

The Solution:

Through in-depth communication with the customer’s purchasing department on workshop size, budget, etc., it is determined that the most suitable machine is the SY-G automatic piston liquid filling machine.

Anti-drip eight filling heads, a pneumatic stainless groove pipe will be automatically placed under the filling head to get the rest dripping liquid after filling, then the grooved pipe will return automatically, and the finished bottles will be transported to the next packaging station. One machine can fill multiple specifications (within the allowed range of the machine) without changing any accessories.

Our daily production volume has reached the target value, thanks to the help of the SY-G automatic filling machine. In the future, we will establish a long-term cooperative relationship with Sywen Packaging!