The Background:

In September 2022, a premium private label and wholesale cosmetic and skin care products manufacturer from Bulgaria contacted Sywen Packaging. They are looking for a liquid filling machine that can flexibly fill more than 20 packaging specifications of lotions, the formula of the lotions is different, and the filling volume is from 200ML to 5000ML. In order to save time, they hope that we can recommend a machine that can flexibly fill lotion of different types and volumes.

The Solution:

Through communication with the customer on workshop layout, budget, etc., it was finally determined that the most suitable machine was the SY-TZ semi-automatic viscous liquid filling machine, its obvious advantage is easy to clean and has a wide filling range.

The machine is suitable for filling viscous liquids in daily chemical, food, pharmaceutical, and other industries. As long as the material has fluidity, it can be filled.

PLC controls, servo motor drives, and one-button cleaning, it’s especially suitable for filling liquid products of many specifications and types. Food-grade stainless steel construction, easy to maintain and clean.

I’m really surprised by the excellent packaging performance of SY-TZ manual liquid filling machine! Smart size, it can fill all our lotion without exchanging any accessories! I’d be happy to recommend it to contacts in other industries.