On February 10, 2022, a liquid fertilizer manufacturer in the United States contacted Sywen Packaging. In order to save labor costs and improve production efficiency, they need to purchase an automatic liquid filling machine for packaging liquid nutrient solutions.


  • Product: plant nutrient solution
  • Liquid Features: it is slightly viscous than water, the fluidity is very good, there is a small amount of sediment, soluble in water, non-corrosive, the function is to prolong the fresh-keeping period of flowers.
  • Packing: the stand-up pouch with zipper
  • Packaging Specifications: 60g, 168g
  • Filling Speed: 35-40 bags/min


(1). The customer requires that the switching of different packaging specifications can be completed in about 10 minutes.

(2). The machine has a high degree of automation and can replace 5-8 manual workers.

(3). The filling machine should be printed with information such as production batch number, expiration date, etc., and the coding type is ribbon batch coding.

(4). The automatic liquid filling machine should be easy to clean, preferably without sanitary dead corners.


Supplied Machine:

Manually place the premade pouches in the bag storage bin, and the machine will complete the entire packaging process such as taking the bag, batch number coding, measuring, filling, sealing the zipper, sealing the bag opening, and outputting. According to the material characteristics and customer’s requirements, the machine uses a peristaltic pump as the liquid filling pump.

During the whole filling process, the liquid is only in contact with the filling pipes. When cleaning the machine, you only need to remove the pipe to clean it separately or replace it with a new one. When changing the packaging specification, just input the bag width on the touch screen, and the machine clips will be automatically adjusted synchronously, and the packaging specification can be switched within 1 minute. The entire packaging process requires no labor and runs at high speed.