SY-520 liquid pouch packing machine is mainly composed of a metering device, a transmission system, a horizontal and vertical sealing device, a forming device, a filling tube, and a laminated packaging roll film pulling and feeding mechanism.

The rolled plastic packaging film roll is placed on the supporting device, the plastic laminated packaging roll film passes through the guide roller group and the tension device. After the photoelectric detection control device detects the position of the trademark pattern on the packing material, it is rolled into a cylindrical shape by the former, wrapped on the surface of the filling tube.

First use a longitudinal heat sealer, longitudinally heat seal the plastic packaging film roll into a cylinder at the interface of the roll, and get a sealed tube. Then the cylindrical plastic film is moved to the transverse heat sealer for transverse sealing, from the packaging bag tube.

It’s well suitable for filling good fluidity liquid-like jam, bagged drinks, seasoning liquid, seasoning bag, soy sauce, sauce, chili oil, sesame oil, seasoning oil, vegetable oil, salad oil, milkshake, daily necessities liquid, cosmetic liquid, skincare lotion, skincare lotion, essence, perfume, facial cleanser, shampoo, bath lotion, hand sanitizer, disinfectant, toilet lotion, softening lotion, medicinal liquids, Chinese medicine liquids, pesticide liquids, insecticide liquids, herbicide liquids, leaf fertilizer liquids, etc.

Small Liquid Pouch Packing Machine

It can also pack seasoning sauce, hot pot sauce, base sauce, tomato sauce, peanut sauce, sesame sauce, seafood sauce, spicy sauce, chili sauce, sweet noodle sauce, bean paste, tea sauce, salad dressing, fruit jam, blueberry sauce, skincare cream, skincare products, cream, mask cream, moisturizer, skincare lotion, etc.

Photoelectric Sensor
Hot Sealing Device
Automatic Date Printer

• Independent temperature control system, the accuracy can reach ±1℃.

• The horizontal and vertical sealing temperature are controlled independently, which can be well applied to various packaging materials such as composite film and PE film.

• The packaging styles are diversified, such as back seal, gusset, continuous bag, punching, etc.

• Bag making, sealing, packaging, and date printing can be done at one time.

• The working environment is clean and the noise is low.

Model SY-520 Liquid Pouch Packing Machine
Operation Mode intermittent
The Laminated Packaging Roll Film Material viscous hot sealing materials, like PE,PP and other composite material
Seal Type three-side seal, four-side seal, back seal
Packing Product good fluidity liquid, high viscous liquid, paste
Metering System volumetric pump
Operation System PLC touch screen
Optional Printing Device ribbon coding, thermal transfer coding
Optional Other Bag Device tear notch, hanging hole, exhaust
Bag Size W 80-250 mm, L 50-400 mm
Filling Sealing Speed 30-60 bags/min
Compressed Air Consumption 0.6 CBM/Min