The liquid pouch Filling machine is newly developed and manufactured by Sywen, specially designed for small pouch filling liquid materials with good or poor fluidity. Sealing methods have three kinds-back seals, three sides seal, and four sides seal. A volumetric liquid filling system can be used for filling sauces, sauces, gels, jam, the food, cosmetics, medicine, and chemical industries.

Packing materials can be paper/polyethylene, cellophane/polyethylene, BOPP film, and other heat-sealing plastic laminated packaging roll film. The safety door can effectively ensure the safety and convenience of the operator. The whole packaging process includes making bags, horizontal sealing, filling, horizontal strengthening sealing, making tear notch, cutting, coding, and others.

Vertical Liquid Form Fill Seal Machine

PLC control, touch screen operation, double servo drive bag stretching system, intelligent photoelectric color mark positioning control system. It has a bag automatic positioning function, automatically eliminates the influence of interference signals, which are caused by abnormal color code patterns and poorly printed packaging materials, and the operation is very stable and reliable.

Liquid Pouch Types

The machine has a set of longitudinal roller sealing devices, a set of transverse roller sealing devices, and a set of transverse roller strengthening sealing devices.

The automatic tension control system of the plastic packaging film roll can effectively ensure the stability of the bag length and the beauty of the bag making.