The Background:

A food processing company approached us to customize an automatic packaging solution for liquid sauce. The packaging requirement was to fill 10 oz, and 32 oz vicious wild fruit concentrate into glass bottles and glass jars. The machine must be made of food-grade materials. One machine can fill two packaging specifications, and the speed must reach 600 bottles/hour.

The Solution:

We recommend that the food processing company use the SY-G piston filler with 6 filling heads. This liquid filling machine uses a volumetric piston pump for metering. The pump volume is customized according to the filling specifications.

Whole 304 stainless steel construction, easy to clean and maintain. Each filling head has a piston pump, the servo motor drives the piston to get an accurate filling precision. PLC and touch screen to control, easy to operate.

The machine is well suitable for filling different viscous liquids into bottles or jars. Linear structure, within a certain range, can adjust the filling height and the width of the conveyor belt to achieve the multi-purpose function.

“The SY-G piston filling machine is impressive, filling 4,000-5,000 bottles of fruit concentrate per day, and we can quickly realize the return on investment of the machine in a short period of time. Sywen Packaging has provided us with perfect after-sales service, and we are satisfied with the packaging performance of the machine.”